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Foods For High Blood Pressure
That Heals And Satisfy Your Cravings

Here you will find so many ways to cook great tasting foods for high blood pressure that will stimulate your senses and your taste bud will be awaken. Part of changing eating habits are taste, price, ease of preparation and nutrition all playing major roles. 

Some foods are good in moderation but bad in excess. Consuming certain foods can alter a gene expression and a chronic disease like high blood pressure to your health.

Chronic inflammation is one of the big issues that affects the body. This inflammation also plays a role on the health of our genetic disposition to diseases.  And, when the body is inflamed it produces abnormal reactions that can have a lasting effect on the body.

Another incentive for lifestyle changes is the right food choices that can help in the prevention of many health problems, including heart disease and diabetes.

And keeping dehydration at bay is another way in keeping yourself healthy.

Sodium Reduction

Cutting back on salt and substituting new flavors will soon become second nature.

Initially when cooking with less salt, the foods for high blood pressure control will taste different. Allow two weeks for your taste receptors to adjust. After that you will be able to detect excess sodium in your food easily.

Once your taste buds adjust, your taste for salty foods will change. But keep in mind that an adult requires only about 250 milligrams (mg) of sodium a day.

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Try these recipes below:

Connection Between Foods For High Blood Pressure And Your Body

Its important to eat right for life and to maintain a good heart nutrition  balance.

First, always make a grocery shopping list, that way you will buy the freshest produce to be used that day. It also helps you to not purchase what is not needed.

Keeping your immune system and your digestive system in tip-top-shape is of utmost importance so eating healthy snacks is part of the process.

Some thoughts to keep in mind - an overall diet includes egg, fish and poultry because they are more easily digested than pork, beef and lamb. But beef and lamb are warming foods, usually reserved for the cold weather or for yin conditions.

Pork is neutral but is believed to moisten dryness and is often included for individuals with thin, nervous or weak constitutions.

All About Vegetables

Vegetables such as leafy greens or cabbage and broccoli are often paired with meat, since they help in the digestion of the protein.

Raw vegetables.

Marinades made with rice wine, garlic, lemon juice, tamarind juice and vinegar are also added to break down the fats and proteins. Of course, the use of ginger is common because it is believed to cleanse the body of toxins from meat dishes.

I read this statement some time ago it said: your body is on a curvy S line, it changes every day depending on the weather, your activities, your natural constitution, and age.  So if we eat the correct foods, a whole food based diet, our bodies will go in the direction we want.

Replacing Salt

So lets get started on some heart healthy low salt recipes of foods for high blood pressure control:

  1. Lower your use of any form of Kosher or table salt, or other forms of salt such as sea salt, garlic salt or celery salt. And remember anything that says flavor enhancer nearly always contain sodium, mostly in the form of monosodium glutamate.

  2. Salt.
  3. You may use potassium salt substitute, but make sure that it is one that does not contain any sodium and use it sparingly because it has a bitterist aftertaste, especially when you first use it.

  4. Replace salt with these flavorful spices such as ginger - fresh or ground, paprika, ground pepper or fresh pepper picked from your herb garden, chili powder, cayenne pepper, curry powder, cinnamon, garam masala, nutmeg, cloves and peppercorn.

  5. Use some varied flavors on your foods that lower blood pressure add dry mustard, lemon juice, vinegar, white or red wine, cider or beer.

  6. Fresh herbs such as basil, chives, mint, parsley, sage, rosemary and tarragon are all excellent replacement to lowering our salt intake. These herbs can be grown year-round in pots on a sunny windowsill or you can use dried herbs. Mixed dried herbs are great and easy to use.

  7. Use plenty of onions, shallots, and garlic - all these seasonings are great for making stock and stews.

  8. I will be giving you instructions on how to make your own tasteful stock, that can be stored in your freezer and will always come in useful.

  9. Our recipes will include nutritional blockbuster that fight high blood pressure such as these minerals - potassium, calcium and magnesium.

Your Body Needs Minerals

Minerals that must be included in your foods for high blood pressure are:

  • Potassium: This mineral neutralizes sodium by flushing it out in our urine and also relaxes your blood vessels and that improves your blood flow. Foods for high blood pressure minerals are peas, beans, beets, apricots, peaches, bananas, prunes, oranges, spinach, stewed tomatoes, sweet potatoes, avocados and figs.

  • Magnesium: This mineral also relaxes your blood vessels, but it balances the amount of sodium and potassium in your blood cells - less sodium, more potassium. Magnesium rich foods for high blood pressure includes wholewheat breads and cereals, broccoli, chard, spinach, okra, oysters, scallops, sea bass, mackerel, beans, nuts and seeds.

  • Calcium: Like potassium, calcium works at helping our bodies get rid of sodium through your urine. Good sources of calcium are cheese, milk, yogurt, broccoli, spinach, turnip greens, mackerel, perch, and salmon.

Vegans Must Include

Becoming a vegan will lower your blood pressure but remember to include protein and iron.  To make sure you are getting all the nutrients that your body needs add beans and legumes for protein, oatmeal and whole wheat for iron, and walnuts and canola oil for omega-3.

And, if you are not eating fish and cook only in soybean or corn oil your ratio of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids may be very low, so make a note of that.

Foods For High Blood Pressure - Sample Meal Plan

Choose one of the suggested dishes from each of the categories of foods for high blood pressure in the different meals, vary ingredients to keep your interest and remember to check your calorie intake. We also provide slow cooker recipes.

So listed below and on other pages are some recipes for high blood pressure.


  • Fruit Juice - fresh squeezed orange or grapefruit juices. If taking blood pressure pills wait two hours between juice and taking medication.
  • Fresh or canned Prunes, stewed fruit.  
  • Occasionally boiled, poached or scrambled eggs.
  • Low salt Bread with unsalted butter or salt-free margarine, Hummus, Jam, Marmalade or Honey.
  • Tea or coffee.

Lunch Or Light Meal

  • Low sodium bread or rolls filled with cold sliced of homemade roast chicken, fish or meat, egg, homemade meat loaf.
  • Homemade savory pastries or quiche stuffed with ground meat or vegetables.
  • Salt free crackers with cream cheese, cucumber and tomato.
  • Mixed salads with meat, eggs, raw onions, beans and some walnuts. The walnuts gives the salad a crunchy taste.
  • Fresh fruits, mixed unsalted nuts and raisins, homemade cake or cookies.
  • Tea, coffee, fruit drinks or juices.

Lunch Recipes

Here are some delicious, and high blood pressure aware lunch recipes:

  • Beet And Tofu Salad is easy to make and fits the principles of the dash diet on the benefit of eating plenty of vegetables.

Dinner Or Main Meal

  • Homemade soup made with homemade vegetable stock. Do not use bouillon cubes they have a high content of salt.
  • Meat or fish, broiled, baked or roasted
  • Meat or vegetable casserole
  • Homemade pie or turnover
  • Vegetables or salad
  • Rice, pasta, potatoes or low salt bread

Dinner Recipes

Here are some delicious and easy to make dinner recipes for your enjoyment:

Butternut Squash Lasagna with Pesto


Desserts that you can enjoy, are tasty, are high blood pressure and heart health.

  • Fresh fruit
  • Gelatin dessert or small ice cream
  • Fruit pie or tart
  • Steamed or baked sponge cake made with salt free baking powder
  • Baked apple with cinnamon
  • Heavy cream or small quantity of custard sauce
  • Tea, coffee

Enjoy these flavorful foods and you will be on your way to a reduction in your medication, weight loss and probably no longer be hypertensive.


If you drink any of these as an after-dinner drink, wine, beer or other alcoholic drink, check the amount of sodium they contain, so you will know how to stay within your daily allowance.

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