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InfoonHBP Founder

I am neither a doctor, nor a Nurse but I am an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach.  All the information provided in I have learned and also have been personally researched by me. Essentially this website is part of my own personal experience on dealing and living with high blood pressure.


Some of the information that is written here was gathered from books written by doctors and other renowned health practitioners who have treated individuals with high blood pressure and its related illnesses.

These information are not meant to be used as medical advice but as an update on treating high blood pressure and probably in reversing this silent killer.  Hopefully you will research this website for information that you need to help keep your blood pressure within safe limits, implement important dietary and lifestyle changes you can do, along with exercises and natural health therapies. 

Research indicates that in order for a change to be successful it requires gathering information, making a plan to implement it, and taking action on your plan and staying on track.

Know that I have been living with high blood pressure for over thirty years, taken many different types of medications, some with horrible side effects, used many different alternative treatments to complement my medication.  I do enjoy a good quality of life.

From my experiences I know I am qualified to answer lots of questions about high blood pressure.

High blood pressure, the silent killer, creeps up on you with little or no warning.  As a result, one in three individuals are unaware that they are affected, and that means you are walking around with an undiagnosed condition that can have serious effects on your long term health and quality of life.

This website has lots of information on the mysteries of high blood pressure and the vascular system.  Discussed the benefits and links between nutrients and hypertension, provided detailed information on the many drugs prescribed to combat this disease and of course lots of alternative treatments.

Hypertension has reached an epidemic level in our society today. This is due, in part, to the many stresses of life.  If not controlled will eventually trigger strokes, heart attacks, kidney failure, blindness and other devastating diseases.

Encourage everyone you know, along with yourself, to have their blood pressure checked on a regularly basis, they might be surprised at the result.

I want to thank you for visiting Info-On-High-Blood-Pressure, and am looking forward to your feedback.  Your feedback is gratefully received.

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