Symptoms Of Low Blood Pressure:
Tips To Normalize Your Pressure

Some symptoms of low blood pressure is having blood pressure that is below 80/50 mm Hg.  You may experience dizziness, eyes may tire easily, feeling tired all the time, have headaches and for some reason just cannot seem to concentrate.  Also, during sleep your blood pressure may lower too much and the insufficient blood flow may increase your risk for heart attacks.

Other symptom of low blood pressure is having a tight feeling in your chest and your heart might palpitate. You may have very low energy and are among those who are the first to poop out.

None of these symptoms are strong, but they spell out trouble in the future.  They are warning signs for you to pay attention to your body - it is always telling you things

Then there are medications that may cause too-low blood pressure and these include medications to treat anxiety, narcotic pain killers, prostate medications and antidepressants to name a few.

Further down I will show you a free home treatment to help you control the symptoms of low blood pressure. At the same time I want to state that this does not supersede your doctor's instructions. Your doctor's advise always comes first.

Some Symptoms Of Low Blood Pressure

Usually low blood pressure is a sign of illness.  With your blood pressure below 80/50 mm Hg, your heart may not be able to pump adequate amounts of blood, oxygen and nutrients to the brain and other parts of your body.

The symptoms of low blood pressure is the opposite of high blood pressure. While in high blood pressure the heart is first affected, in low blood pressure the brain is the organ that is most quickly damaged when circulation is slowed or stops.

Low blood pressure in an individual may be indicating significant dehydration, bleeding, poor heart function or an infection that needs to be treated. You should seek immediate medical treatment.

I have a girl friend who suffers from low blood pressure and she is always complaining of headaches. But if it was not for the low blood pressure readings she would have overlook the headaches. She has a lot of stress but has no other symptoms of low blood pressure and seems quite healthy. 

Shock Resulting From Low Blood Pressure

Shock is one of the major symptoms of low blood pressure.  When there is not enough blood flowing through your body to supply you with the oxygen and nutrients your cells need for survival, it creates a life-threatening condition known as shock.

If you or your loved one go into shock the result can be deadly if not treated promptly.

Shock results from extremely low blood pressure because of a lack of pressure in the arteries brought on by a heart problem that prevents the heart muscle from pumping out enough blood to supply your body's needs.

Sometimes symptoms of low blood pressure results is caused from severe dehydration, which diminishes the amount of fluid that is flowing in the blood stream.

Another cause is heavy bleeding. If you have 20% or more blood loss from a severe injury or the result of bleeding from the stomach or intestines you can go into shock.

Toxins produced by severe infections and allergic reaction can cause vessels to dilate or open up and leak fluid and the body goes into shock.

Treatment Options For Low Blood Pressure

Shock requires emergency medical treatment that includes restoring blood volume by administering fluid and blood, using medicines to increase blood pressure by narrowing the small arteries or using medicines to strengthen the pumping action of the heart.

Other amazing measures used to treat shock is emergency personnel use of medical anti-shock trousers that compresses the veins in your legs, squeezing blood from the legs into the heart. So simple and yet so life saving.

Another measure is receiving extra oxygen through a mask or nasal prongs into the nose to increase your body's supply of oxygen.  Once your blood pressure is within the normal range, treatment is then directed at the cause of the shock.

Free Home Treatment

Acupressure can also be used to help control the symptoms of low blood pressure.  I am a believer of Acupressure because it has worked for me on many occasions. It is free, is at your fingertips and is a time tested technique.

We will start with the neck control point called the "carotid sinus." It is like magic.

Carotid Sinus, carotid sinus

The carotid sinus is found at the bifurcation of the common carotid artery on either side of the neck and is said to be a ductless glad and is easily accessible for Acupressure.

A word of caution never apply sustained pressure over this artery.

Steps To Normalize Low Blood Pressure

  1. Locate the internal carotid artery that is located on the top of your Adam's apple and slide your finger back till you feel a pulsation. That's it you are on the button. This gland regulates blood pressure, it is a very important gland. It is attached to special nerve end organs that have the ability to raise and lower blood pressure by way of a reflex arc over the carotid branch of the glossopharyngeal nerve.

  2. Search for and find an area of tenderness directly on top of your head at mid-line. Sometimes this point is so tender that you cannot even touch it with a comb. At this point apply rotary pressure with the fingertips of either hand. Now put three fingers down in a line extending from this point all the way back down toward the hollow at the base of your skull. Place your thumb into the hollow. Maintaining this hold, make the scalp move forward and back on the skull.

  3. Complete thumb pressure into the hollow, it will be very tender to your touch, but just behind the skull plate at this point is the medulla oblongata, and it is in direct communication with the nerve structure area you are compressing.

Using these three steps you are beginning to normalize your low blood pressure. This method help repair the weaknesses of the heart, cranial anemia disappears. The mind becomes clear, alert, and that dizzy feeling disappears. Eureka!!!

Your eyes will bother you less and less, as all of these signs and symptoms disappear so does your symptoms of low blood pressure.

Through the magic of Acupressure and that magnificence machine called the human body and brain, you can create the miracles of good health that we all desire.

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Your Low Blood Pressure Experience

What are your low blood pressure numbers and how are you handling it? Also, how did you feel after doing the acupressure steps suggested.

Thanks for sharing.

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