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High Blood Pressure High Cholesterol Lowering Lifestyle!

High blood pressure high cholesterol affects your whole body. From powering your brain to creating your sex hormones.  As good as cholesterol is to you, you cannot live without it, it can also be very hazardous to your heart health.

You might ask what exactly is high cholesterol?  And I respond by asking, does your body need this fat?  And also what do these carrier molecules called lipoproteins do throughout your body?

Some years ago I was told I had both high blood pressure and high cholesterol.  I already have been living with high blood pressure for many years but my cholesterol level was now 252 and my Cardiologist prescribed a Statin drug, that I did not fill - that was in late 1990s.  More on this below.

I knew I was at increased risk when I was diagnosed with elevated cholesterol. It was frightening because I knew all my risk factors had just gone up a notch.

It also meant that I had more cholesterol in my blood than my body needed. Cholesterol is one of a group of fats (lipids) that serve either as material to build cells or as an energy source for your body.

What Is Cholesterol

It is a fat within your body that is needed to help form certain hormones, cell membranes and bile.  If you have too much of this soft, waxy substance you may be in trouble.

This fat cannot dissolve on its own within your body so it must be transported throughout your body. 

There are three types of lipoproteins that does the job.  These lipoproteins are low-density lipoprotein (LDL), high-density lipoprotein (HDL) and very-low-density lipoproteins (VLDL).

LDL and HDL plays the major roles with regard to your heart health.  You do not hear much about VLDL, but it carries triglycerides and other lipids made in your liver to the cells within your body.

LDL is know as the bad cholesterol which transport cholesterol and other lipids to your tissues.  LDL is made from VLDL.  LDL forms a hard deposit, called plaque, on the walls of your arteries that builds up over time.   You can remove these plaque, or cholesterol, from the arterial walls by consuming pomegranate, a low-cost and natural method.

The possibility of a clot forming has just been increased and it either block your blood flow to your heart causing a heart attack or block the flow of your blood to your brain causing a stroke.

Now HDL is the good cholesterol that clears the soft, waxy substance from your arteries to your liver for disposal from your body.  Elevated HDL actually protects you from heart disease and stroke.

Like high blood pressure high cholesterol comes with no symptoms.  The weird thing is your body needs cholesterol to help form certain hormones, cell membranes and bile.

So you need to know how to raise HDL cholesterol and how to lower LDL cholesterol levels, by knowing the different kinds of fats that makes up your cholesterol levels.

Would you like to see some sample diets for lowering cholesterol? It could be helpful, are good, and packed with heart healthy ideas for every meal.  But first, do you even know the foods high in cholesterol or even the foods that lower cholesterol?

Aging And High Blood Pressure High Cholesterol

When we start to age, not to say young people do not have high blood pressure high cholesterol, but knowing the different kinds of fats that makes up our total cholesterol within your blood is very important.

High levels of low density lipoproten (LDL - the bad cholesterol) worsen atherosclerosis.  Atherosclerosis is a build-up of fatty deposit on the inside of your arteries that narrows the vessels and slows down our blood flow. It begins to damage the inner lining of our artery walls.

Then there is HDL - the good cholesterol which is a high-density lipoprotein that protect us against atherosclerosis.

I want you to go to your doctor and check to see if you are at a very high, moderate or low risk for having cholesterol.  If your cholesterol levels are high, then you need to go on a cholesterol and triglyceride lowering diet.

Studies have indicated that there are clear health benefits if the levels of different types of cholesterol are kept at target levels. These levels keep changing, but the current recommendations for high blood pressure high cholesterol by the Harvard Medical School of Family Health Guide are:

Total Cholesterol LevelTotal Cholesterol Category
Less than 200 mg/dLDesirable
200-239 mg/dLBorderline high

HDL Cholesterol LevelHDL Cholesterol Category
Less than 40 mg/dLLow (representing risk)
60 mg/dL and aboveHigh (heart-protective)

Trigylceride LevelTriglyceride Category
Less than 150 mg/dLNormal
150 - 199 mg/dLBorderline high
200 - 499 mg/dLHigh
500 mg/dLVery high

Your High Blood Pressure High Cholesterol Levels

If your Current LDL Cholesterol Targets are at:

Very High Risk:  You already have a history of heart disease, probably experience a heart attack, had some sort of heart procedure done such as angioplasty or a bypass. At this risk level, the Harvard Medical School states most individuals are smokers, has a high triglycerides of over 200 and low HDL below 40.

High Risk:  You also already have a history of heart disease and probably at risk for Diabetes, and narrowing of the arteries.

Moderately High Risk:  Again you have a couple of risk factors for heart disease that create a 10% to 20% chance of having a heart attack in another couple of years.

Moderate Risk:  You have two or more risk factors for heart disease but your percentage is less than 10% for having a heart attack.

Low Risk:   Having a reasonable LDL of less than 130 with no more than one risk factor for heart disease.

The first step in lowering your high blood pressure high cholesterol is to change your diet.

Cholesterol Drugs

As I mentioned my cardiologist prescribed a statin drug for me to take, but I wanted a chance to lower my cholesterol using different ways of  alternatives.

I wanted to try some natural remedies for high cholesterol.

I had heard of individuals getting great results from using essential oils. So I started applying these oils on a daily basis to my body and I also reduced my consumption of eating eggs and cheese. Using Aroma Life, as my alternative medication I was able to lower my cholesterol to 180 within a year.

Years later, 2023, my cholesterol was again at 252, and I'm now older so I decided to take the statin drug. Within days of taking this medication my nose started bleeding - I had to stop. Now I'm back to taking control of my health just like the time of my nose bleeding and had to be plugged at a hospital emergency room from the reaction to my high blood pressure medication.

mindful eating balanced meals.

I went back to my nutrition books and created a mindful eating program, a personalized guide to meal preparation and recipe creation, designed to align perfectly with your taste palate. The best meals are the ones that not only nourish your body but also delight your taste buds.

That' s why I' ve created a system that puts your personal likes, dislikes, and nutritional goals at the forefront of meal  planning and at the same time impacts high blood pressure high cholesterol.

Cholesterol lowering medications like Statins are a group of similar medicines that are highly effective in lowering both total and LDL cholesterol and is credited in raising our HDL cholesterol.  These statins are generally free of side effects, but occasionally cause liver or muscle damage.  Also these same drugs have been known to prevent stroke and heart attack.

Another known alternative is Niacin, a vitamin that is also effective in lowering total and LDL cholesterol and very effective in raising our HDL cholesterol.

I am sure you have heard the term your food can be your medicine.  So here are some of the best diets for high cholesterol.  Scientific studies do demonstrate the powerful and positive impact of lifestyle changes such as diet and exercise have on coronary heart disease.

It may also surprise you to learn that you can take herbs to lower cholesterol and these are herbs you already add to your salmon, poultry, potatoes or soups.  Lowering your high blood pressure high cholesterol will clearly result in fewer deaths from all cardiovascular diseases.

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