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Genetic Predisposition Toward High Blood Pressure

Just because we may have a genetic predisposition toward a certain disease, does not mean we’ll suffer from the same illness that has affected our family members. The good news is we have the ability to treat our genes through therapeutic intervention not only for yourself but for your children to come.

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Scientific researchers have stated that we can maintain the off button for certain genes. How that is done depends a lot on our nutrition and environmental factors.

Genes provides coding that enables cells to carry out certain functions within the body.  Most function only when they are needed.

As stated by the Harvard Medical School on Family Health, multifactorial conditions require that several genes plus environmental factors must be present before a disease or trait is found in an individual.

Further, some diseases develops not from a person's genes but from a defective X or Y chromosomes.  This happens when an extra chromosome is present, or part of a chromosome is lost during formation of the egg or sperm.

Inflammation And Our Genetic Predisposition

Chronic inflammation can alter our genes leading to chronic diseases, of which high blood pressure and Type 2 diabetes are associated. Organ functioning changes - like how the body stores glucose, breaks down fat, and how easily things are processed through our cells.

The foods we consume can inflame our bodies, which then affects our genetics leading to chronic diseases.

Decreasing this inflammation through diet and proper lifestyle should be of utmost of importance.

Now you can see that your genetic risk are also influenced through dietary and environmental factors, and not only influenced by your parents genes.

Read more on what it means to have a genetic predisposition to a disease.

Nutrition To Maintain Healthy Genes

Everyone of us eat less than healthful foods occasionally.  I don't see anything wrong with that.  But to regularly consume foods that are bad for your health over a long period of time can affect your health.

Since we now know that inflammation within the body plays a huge role in high blood pressure, we have to consume an anti-inflammatory diet.

This nutritious diet has to be high in plant-based foods, legumes, fresh herbs, fish, with limited red meat consumption, lots of minerals, and omega-3 fatty acids.

To lessen the development of high blood pressure due to our food intake we should fill up on fruits and vegetables, eat potassium-rich foods and lessen the salt.

Another key factor in reducing inflammation is to be part of a regular physical activity and practice relaxation techniques.

The eating style of the Dash Diet and Mediterranean diet seems to be very effective in keeping the body in a healthy and non-inflamed state.

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