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Erectile Dysfunction In Men And Getting A Grip On Drug Therapy!

Erectile dysfunction in men can be eliminated with some tips I’ll be sharing. Sex is supposed to be the most relaxing activity you can enjoy. It has enormous impact on your wants and needs, and these same wants and needs change over time. But somehow at times it is filled with tension and difficulties.

Some tips in having sex more relaxing again:

  • It’s good to choose: Make sure you are in a relationship where you can be open and honest. Also choose someone that makes you feel safe and wanted.

  • Experiment: Experimenting can be the spice to liven things up.

  • Create Intimacy: Sometimes you or your partner may not feel like sex, you’re just experiencing a little less libido at the present time. That’s okay and natural. When that happens make allowances for that. You can still maintain intimacy by stroking, massaging, and being close to each other. No sex doesn’t mean no physical contact.

Participating in the above activities will help with the erectile dysfunction in men. Still don’t get stuck in a rut. I have outlined specific actions you can do in my free gift when you join my newsletter to increase your sexual performance.

Blood Pressure Medication Impact

The taking of blood medication has messed up lots of men sex drive. When this start happening, some men don’t take their medication or only take them on occasions.

There are so many drug choices out there now that it seems almost limitless. There is a drug being prescribed for every frivolous thing under the sun. These advertisements of these drugs are there to manipulate, engage your imagination, and test your belief.

Young couple in love.

You might be taking a prescribed drug to lower blood pressure and cholesterol from the statin family of drugs…. they relaxed the pressure on the arteries. Plus, the adding of another drug creates problems because of its interactions.

This is the same pressure you need to produce an erection. 

Doctors will rarely tell you that one of the side effects of these medications is impotence. This absence of full disclosure has destroyed lots of relationships.

You should know that impotence can be reduced seventy percent if you stay physically active and eat an anti-inflammatory diet. I know you are saying what…. No one wants to hear about anti-inflammatory diet.

What I should say is a diet loaded with fruits, vegetables, nuts, legumes, whole grains, and fish and relatively low in red meat.

That I know sounds better, and more relatable; but there are other factors to consider for you to be part of the increasing group of mature healthy men with robust vitality.

So I have to ask you… Have you maximized lifestyle changes that reduces blood pressure and cholesterol levels to escape erectile dysfunction in men, as much as you are eager to take enhancing pills?

Sexual Dysfunction

Most high blood pressure drugs have undesirable side effects because they tend to upset the body’s normal balance. Drugs like thiazide diuretics, beta blockers and calcium channel blockers inhibit blood flow to the penis. 

Senior couple.

All these statements are listed by your pharmacy and part of infoonhighbloodpressure. So its not like you are going in without knowledge of all the possible dangers to your body and life.

As you can see there’s a conflict within these mechanisms.

These drugs list sexual dysfunction as their side effects which is not surprising. Impotence occurs with almost all of these drugs. So in order for an erection to happen blood pressure in the penis must rise.

Blood pressure drugs interferes with this mechanism. 


The drug wants to lower blood pressure while the penis needs to raise blood pressure locally. The conflict will inevitably inhibit erections.

Sexual Performance Anxiety

Sexual anxiety comes from many areas in life. 

Stress and relationship problems are some of the other causes that’s placed atop medications, along with the health of blood vessels that associated with high blood pressure, heart disease and diabetes.


To date no one has every reported that fruits or even vegetables have caused so much as even one case of impotence!

If you smoke you are also enabling this erectile dysfunction in men, because smoking constricts blood vessels and contributes the buildup of plaque. Both in turn reduce blood flow and you know without normal blood flow what happens.

Medical studies have said men with impotence have a greater risk of developing Parkinson’s disease. The link seems to be related to the damage in the autonomic nervous system that regulates breathing and digestion.

Erectile Dysfunction In Men Treatment

There is an effective and proven erectile dysfunction in men treatment that is easy to follow and pays high dividends with prolong life, that removes the restriction and has blood flowing to the penis, removing sexual performance anxiety and plague, while reverting the body to normal blood pressure.


This six-week online program focuses on what you eat, physical movements, and more.  It corrects the imbalances that is caused by high blood pressure.


So instead of you feeling worse, you feel sexually vibrant, young and achieve a much better stamina when engaging in sexual activities.


Warning: If you are currently taking blood pressure medication, do not suddenly stop taking it on your own because that could trigger a heart attack, a stroke or sudden death. Any change in your current medication should only be done in consultation with your doctor.


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