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With These Home Remedies High Blood Pressure Reduction Is Possible

Imagine how these home remedies high blood pressure treatments heals your organs from the damaging effects of uncontrolled blood pressure. Exercising, and diet are the mainstay recommended, but there are many other alternative and complementary therapies to help you in accomplishing this goal. 

Perhaps one of the methods listed below will be of interest to you. They are all safe and effective home remedies that’s used to control high blood pressure with significant healing within a month.

In some cases, there are individuals who require drugs for blood pressure but with these complementary alternatives they can often reduce the amount and the strength of their medication after using these non-drug therapies.

If high blood pressure is left untreated the consequences to your body can be harmful to your heart, kidneys and brain. Without control of your blood pressure, you may suffer debilitating illness after surviving massive heart attack, kidney failure or brain damage. 

I am sure you do not want to be dependent on others helping you in the care of your bodily needs for the rest of their lives.

Don't become one of those people. 

The process of including alternative therapies into your life may cost you time and resources, but the freedom from illness and the prospect of a longer life is well worth the effort.

Let me show you how these - biofeedback, herbs, laughter, the foods you eat, the spices in your cabinet and using the power your subconscious mind to heal yourself can participate in the control of your elevated blood pressure. 


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Your Treatment Plan

Balance symbol.

You need to develop a plan to know where you are going. Your plan is dependent on your present blood pressure readings, so get your facts on what is high blood pressure.

  • If your blood pressure is normal you want to keep it normal.
  • If you already have high blood pressure you want to lower it into the normal range and keep it there.
  • If you are experiencing complications of high blood pressure you want to prevent them from progressing. This plan should have information on the possibility of even reversing these complications.

Start with small easy changes like eating plenty of fruits and beans for extra potassium intake, ingesting enough magnesium from green leafy vegetables, nuts, seeds and whole grains.  And of course, you need extra calcium preferable in supplemental form.

There are other complementary home remedies high blood pressure treatments you can find on the home page of this web site.

Treating High Blood Pressure Without Drugs

Remember to keep a health record and track your blood pressure, pulse, weight, cholesterol, blood sugar and your personal health records.  With the tracking of your health you will notice how each new healthy habit affects how your risk factors changes with you feeling like a new person.

I strongly believe that most people will benefit from home remedies high blood pressure.


I am new to biofeedback but find it a very effective in home remedies high blood pressure treatments.


Biofeedback is a technique that trains you to alter an involuntary function, like your heart rate or in your case your blood pressure, with the aid of a biofeedback machine.  This machine detects your internal bodily functions so it can teach you how to alter it.

Learn how this biofeedback machine is so effective in treating high blood pressure and how you can then practice the technique on your own to control your heart rate anywhere you are.

Laughter To Lower Your Blood Pressure

Humor is a great stress reliever.  It is an excellent prescription that sends positive vibes throughout your body.  I recommend it as an important part of your high blood pressure treatment.  You will be in a good mood and have no harmful side effects.

There are also additional ways found here to banish stress the silent killer.

Find out for yourself what makes you laugh and do it often, because we all have different source of amusement.  You might like clowns, or watching standup comedians like Chris Rock, Will Ferrell and many more, or someone doing silly things like Mr. Beans - a very funny actor.

Find happiness by making it your priority.

Check out the Humor Project for more on the importance of laughter.

Choosing Foods As Home Remedies High Blood Pressure

You are what you eat is an old statement, but it is so true. 

Take nutrition seriously, adopt a sensible nutritional program, because as you age your body do not adequately make some things anymore, you may not digest food as before or may need additional minerals.

Eat healthy when you have hypertension and the guidelines are based on the results of a series of studies by some major medical centers in the United States and it is called the "Dietary Approach to Stop Hypertension" (DASH) diet

Make sure half the foods you eat are raw, because cooking destroys antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, enzymes and other phytochemical, making your foods less nutritious.


A comprehensive phytonutrient fruit that comes to mind is tart cherries  that has a broad-spectrum of disease fighting properties and have proven to reverse cardiovascular risk factors.

Some people are able to naturally lowered their blood pressure while others find it very difficult. And of course there are supplements for high blood pressure, including blueberry extracts, that also naturally lowers your blood pressure.

Healthy Spices Already In Your Cabinet

Spices consists of dried bark, berries, ginger, roots or seeds used to enhance the flavor of your food and drinks.  But it can also be used as medicine and have been used medicinally for thousands of years to heal the body.

To keep spices fresh and potent purchase in small amounts, and, remember to buy organic if possible.


Cinnamon stick. Stick
Cinnamon Bark essential oil.

Cinnamon Bark Essential Oil

Cinnamon has a significant effect on the lowering of your systolic and diastolic blood pressure. It is known to stabilizes blood sugar levels.


Cocoa flavanols increases your blood vessel flexibility and lowers blood pressure. Studies revealed that dietary intake of this flavanols are beneficial to cardiovascular diseases.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Olive Oil  gives significant cardiovascular protection. Read more on this encouraging home remedies high blood pressure evidence that shows that the polyphenols in this oil lowers your risk of heart attacks and stroke.

Complementary therapies promote healing and usually comes with no harmful side effects. If treatment of your home remedies high blood pressure is successful, in conjunction with your doctor's supervision, you are on your way to longevity.

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