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Heart Nutrition And Five Strategies To Having Normal Blood Pressure

Upgrade your heart nutrition with these five effective, and easy to implement strategies and be rewarded with having normal blood pressure for longevity. I urge you to bring your desire to clean up your diets and refresh your plates while connecting with the people you love.

Indoor plants.

Think of putting together a garden in your backyard, windowsill or building a multi-layer stand with special lighting to provide a ready source of affordable, fresh and nutritious vegetables and herbs.

I have a girl friend who lives in New York City in an apartment building and she has a thriving year-round garden. She’s a genius and so knowledgeable.  If I didn’t see it for myself, I would not have believed it is possible to grow plants indoors all year. Now I have a backyard and I don’t have an all year garden. I’m now looking into replicating her strategy.

Cellular Nutrition For Your Heart

Cellular nutrition is about infusing your whole being with health.

What first comes to mind is mindful eating. This is about paying attention to your thoughts and feelings that trigger hunger cravings, stress, boredom and loneliness.

Mother and daughter having fun.

I encourage you to identify the voids in your lives, with healthy relationships, pleasurable activities rather than food. This also means eating foods for high blood pressure normal maintenance.

Society might say you are overweight, but for your unique body type you are ‘healthy at the size’ you are at. Know that a growing number of health and nutrition experts says that you should find your peace with your natural weight.

So long as you are healthy, meaning you are not at risk, or your blood sugar readings says you are not at borderline numbers for any chronic disease, and you are following the balanced approach to eating, happiness, and being comfortable in your body.

Of great importance is for you to maintain a healthy gut by feeding it real food. Seventy percent of your immune system is in the lining of your gut. This area of your body influences your physical and mental health, including nutrient absorption, body weight and blood sugar control, bone density, inflammation and mood.

The bacteria from your gut can affect your heart nutrition, leading to many health issues including that of high blood pressure.

Why Is Nutrition Important To Your Healing Strategies

Diets are not harmless they create stress, persistent hunger, trigger eating disorders such as binge eating and even make you fatter over time. How does this affect your heart nutrition? Protect yourself from heart disease by using foods as your healing strategy.

Colorful vegetables.

Eat a variety of detoxifying foods like cruciferous vegetables, ground flaxseeds, parsley, beet greens – the leafy tops of beetroot; cilantro and chia seeds.

It took me a long time to accept organic eating, I just thought it was a way to increase the price of our foods. Now that I am aware of how toxic our environment is, I encourage you to eat organic when possible.

Protect your family, especially children as early as possible and eliminate processed foods. Once you get used to the taste of the delicious texture of real whole foods, there is no going back. For example, the first time I had wild Atlantic salmon, there is now no way for me to go back to eating the farm raised ones…. it just doesn’t taste as delicious.

Heart Nutrition And Five Strategies To Having Normal Blood Pressure

  1. Value your self-worth regardless of your body size.

  2. Practice mindful eating and focus on overall self-care.

  3. Participate in enjoyable physical activity.

  4. Get adequate sleep.

  5. Engage in positive self-talk.

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