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Incredible Opportunities To Improve Your Health And Life With Renewed Zest!

These incredible opportunities to improve is here for us to reset a new norm, that includes our taste buds, body, brain, home and world, into our lifestyle. Before the pandemic we’d do the same things in the same pattern, whether we liked them or not because that’s what was expected.

With our new awareness of how precious life is, here’s the opportunity to develop a neural pathway that automates a behavior that’s beneficial to your mind, home and world.

They say the mind takes up to three months of daily repetition to create a habit, so here are some ways to create healthy habits for you to live stronger, longer and better as you age gracefully in a dis-ease free life.

I learned of these many ways, in fact I found a list that stated '60 ways' of improving our lives from the changes of people and health experts are doing to reshape their lives that now match their new way of thinking.

Hi, I'm Donna Williams, your health warrior guide, and your sister in maintaining healthy blood pressure measurements that assures of a dis-ease free quality lifestyle.

Opportunities To Improve And Stick With For A Better Life

So, let's get started with some of the unusual or lesser-known ways to develop healthy natural behaviors to reset one’s eating habits and taste buds, body, life, mind, and the world/space you live in.

  1. Spruce Up Your Relationship: At least one night a week have dinner together and make eye contact. Hold your partner, spouse, children gaze for 60 seconds. This will help you see the grace, and beauty of each other in each other’s eyes.

    Call one long-lost friend every week... We hesitate, unsure of how we’ll be received. But when you initiates contact it can be a great gift in curing loneliness, renew a friendship, heal a wound and forgive.

    I had the urge last year to touch base with a distant family member. Our relationship, along with other family members relationship with her, had also deteriorated where we hadn’t spoken to her in years, but she kept coming up in my mind. I had to call another family member for her number, and they also said they reached out to her recently and she didn’t pick up. So I should expect the same.

    That did not deter me from calling, and of course she didn’t pick up, but I left a message of just saying hello. Funnily, I was the one feeling better, like a weight I wasn’t aware of carrying lifted off of me.

    Of these opportunities to improve my favorite one is keeping my list of loved ones real close. We’re happier when we feel deeply connected to the relationships that’s important us.

  2. Negril Treehouse Cottage. House in Nature
  3. Spend time in nature: Nature reduces your level of stress hormones significantly. I find myself smiling when walking, listening and feasting my senses on the sounds, and whispers in nature. I just tune in to the cues my mind, body and soul are receiving. Another opportunity to improve is in participating in a creative act like planting fresh herbs. You get the tangible satisfaction of nurturing something where you can say ‘I grew this’.

  4. Ask what you can do to help: Make a habit of asking others are you okay, or do you need help with that. Really develop the habit of seeing people as we pass each other on our life journey.

  5. Roasted eggplant dip, a balanced snack you can meal prep a week ahead. Eggplant Dip (Baba Ghanoush)
  6. Cleanup Your Diet: Include some of these no cook dinner ideas for busy nights or when its too hot to turn on the oven or stove. Seduce yourself into the love of eating salads and vegetables, and do indulge often.

    Do a healthier spin on a classic season's eatings, decorate that bowl on your table healthfully with colorful nuts and fruits within easy reach, and tasty balanced snacks that you can meal prep a week ahead.

    Also start at least three mornings a week with a berry, fruits and vegetables smoothie that help you to maintain a healthy balance of the inflammation within your body.

    Of importance is eating well for less where there are many more opportunities to improve your diet.

  7. Set Technology Boundaries: Try for a time to see how you feel when you set up a no-phone zone at the dinner table and when you’re out enjoying the company of loved ones.

  8. Heart Health: I could not end these opportunities to improve without mentioning some form of exercise. This is not an uncommon or lesser-known activity but is too important to ignore. Do even 10 minutes of resistance training every day. It adds up because low muscle strength is associated with an elevated risk of death in people 50 and older, regardless of general health levels. Remember to continue to protect your heart health by drinking lots of water or other beverages that keep the body hydrated. It helps in the control of high blood pressure.

  9. More opportunities to improve in this area of heart protection is brushing and flossing regularly. Bad oral health can lead to microorganisms getting into your bloodstream that can cause inflammation and heart damage.

  10. Daily Do Not Disturb Break: This is a non-negotiable opportunity to improve emotional and physical health, give thanks and to connect within. Sit quietly and breathe and do some good moments journaling. Give thanks for what’s good is in your life. When you widen your thoughts to all the possibilities that exist for your good, quantifiable benefits will appear.

  11. Supporting Your Lymphatic System: Learn how your magnificent and tireless lymphatic system monitors and filters out foreign invaders, such as bacteria, viruses, and cancer cells. To put it mildly all of our cellular waste is cleaned in the lymph nodes then recycled back to the blood. Within High Blood Pressure Wellness Lifestyle Podcast, Episode #43, learn how you can easily support this system, protect your immunity, your health and life.

There are so many more opportunities to improve our lives that can become automated and is beneficial to our posture, environment, relationship, our vices and to be more resilient in times of challenges. 

So if you’re interested in becoming more aware of how you can live stronger, longer and better schedule a complimentary Wellness Audit session where we take a look at where you are in all aspects of your life, so we can see what the most effective and practical first steps will be for you to make some movement toward your goals.

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