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The Importance Of Nutrition And Food Science - Scientific Challenges

Nutrition and food science are a fascinating study on new findings on how nutrition affects heart health, and how it can be used as a means in prevention of chronic diseases. Nutrition is a science therefore food is science.

It stems from an organized body of knowledge comprised of facts that is believed to be true because they have been supported. And, has also ruled out all other possibilities.

Food serves us best when you can work out how to choose your foods, plan meals, and design diet wisely. Knowing the facts enhances your health and your enjoyment of eating while relieving your feelings of guilt that is questioning  Am I eating well.

Reading Nutrition And Food Science With A Critical Eye

Imagine news report saying… “doctors now state that these eight chronic diseases can be virtually eliminated with the right lifestyle measure.”  Or, “eating the skin of apples are harmful because of the type of spraying being used on it”.

Colorful apples.

Then a few years later the news report says…. “you can eat the skin of apples; it is full of fiber and is good for you”.

You would I am sure say… what!!! I could have been enjoying the crisps juicy crunch of a delicious apple all this time and keeping my bowels regular at the same time. Yikes!

It bears repeating the findings of a single study never prove or disprove anything, when study results may constitute strong supporting evidence for one view or another.


To read statements being made about nutrition and food science keep in mind:

  • The statement should be published in a peer-review journal such as the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. An unpublished study or one from a less creditable source may or may not be valid.

  • The report should state the purpose of the study and describe research methods used to obtain the data. It matters whether the study participants numbered 5 or a 1,000, and/or whether researchers personally observed the participants’ behavior or relied on self-reports collected over the telephone.

  • Couple eating breakfast.
  • Clearly defined the subjects of the study, whether animals were used or human beings. The more you have in common with the subjects like age and gender; the more applicable the finds may be for you.

  • Most important is ask yourself if the study makes common sense.

When a headline touts a shocking new “answer” to a nutrition and food science question, read the story with a critical eye. It may indeed be a carefully researched report, or it could be just a sensational story intended to catch the attention of newspaper and magazine buyers, not to offer useful nutrition information.

Whenever you hear or have read about any new findings about high blood pressure, a chronic disease you are already copying with, make a separate appointment to talk with your doctor about its validity and how you can do your part.

Remember there is no one way to prevent, reverse or reduce high blood pressure. This is where how to overcome high blood pressure online nutrition program comes in.

It is a program that addresses the whole human body….. the mind, heart and soul, in treating and feeding them on a daily basis.

Why You Should Care About Nutrition?

Why we should all care about nutrition?  Nutrients interact with the body’s tissues, adding and subtracting all day, every day. Thus, changing the foundations upon which the health of the body is built.

From what we know today about nutrition and food science high blood pressure has a connection to poor diet, thought diet alone is not to be blamed when activities and lifestyle also plays a role.


What I have learned over time is that my diet of choice profoundly affects and influences my long-term health.

Scientist obtain facts by systematically asking questions. Then they outline the scientific method.

You are then urged and encouraged to take better care of yourself!

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