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Healthy Snacks That Fuel Your Body And Help You Lose Weight

Enjoy these healthy snacks that fuels the body and will help you to lose weight. These good for you snacks are delicious and tasty.  But best of all each of these foods is good for you in its own right but when you combine these foods, they offer certain special health benefits, reduces your risk of various diseases that includes heart disease.

Know that heart disease studies have found that people whose diet lack certain types of bacteria in their digestive tract had a higher BMI and elevated triglyceride levels.  These are two major risk factors for cardiovascular.

So the bacteria within our bodies plays an important role in obesity and the risk of heart and cholesterol problems.

The eating tips below will assist you in losing weight that will significantly lower your high blood pressure, they are also immune system boosters with tons of solid research behind them.

Also when it comes to foods for high blood pressure, there is no "one size fits us all" type of thing.  We are all individuals with our own special genes and requirements.  The challenge is to know or learn what your body needs and how you can increase vitality and health through your food choices.

So lets get started on eating healthy snacks to lose weight.

Pair These Healthy Snacks That Benefit Heart Disease

Avocado And Tomato

Avocado And Tomato - A Heart Healthy Snack And Tomato

The monounsaturated fat in avocado promotes absorption of the tomato's lycopene.  A combination of healthy fats and carotenoids calms inflammation which in turn lowers your risk of heart disease and many other ailment.

Without a fat, your body cannot absorb carotenoids, powerful antioxidants found in fruits and vegetables.

Garlic And Chickpeas

Garlic and Chickpeas - Sulfur and Iron. and Chickpeas

Did you know it is harder to absorb iron from plant protein than from animal protein?  And iron is crucial for energy and women who are at risk for being anemic.

So when you combine the sulfur and iron found in garlic and chickpeas you increase the iron from them by about seventeen percent.

This healthy eating tip is especially beneficial for vegetarians and vegans whose diets are almost always low on iron.

Oatmeal And Blueberries

Oatmeal and blueberries - A snack that fuel your body and help you lose weight And Blueberries

This health snack isn't just for breakfast, its good any time you need a hearty treat.  It is full of fiber, helps in the regulation of blood sugar levels.

The blueberries provides you with vitamin C and helps to sweeten the oats.

Delicious, filling and is a good for you snack.

Strawberry And Peanut Butter

Strawberry And Peanut Butter - Disease Fighting Vitamins. and Peanut Butter

Strawberries offer vitamin C that enhances the absorption of the vitamin E in peanut butter.  Both are disease fighting and reduces the damage to your cells as you age.

Both reduces the risk of heart disease, including Alzheimer's.

Yogurt And Banana

Yogurt and Banana an immune system booster And Banana

Yogurt improves the levels of good bacteria in your gut and is rich in probiotics.  The banana has prebiotics, or plant fibers, that acts as a fertilizer of sorts for the probiotics.

Know that your gut is linked to your immune system.  Both these foods help to keep your GI tract healthy, strengthening your immune system.

Healthy Eating Tips

As you can see to fuel your body for optimal energy, power and control your weight try and eliminate all empty calorie foods that add nothing to the nourishment of your body.

So eat a colorful variety of foods for you to stay at your peak health and do not forget to drink lots of water throughout the day.

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