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How To Improve Your Immune Support System Right Now?

We Have An Amazingly Protective Mechanism In Our Body!

Think about this, if your immune support system is working great, then you are far less likely to succumb to such things as colds, fever, flu, the Covid strain of germs. But the thing is our immune system is under stress. That means it is imperative we find ways to keep our bodies healthy and strong during these highly infectious times. 

5 day immune support recipe handbook.

So how do we support this protector of the human body, the immune system, and at the same time get through these challenging and scary times?  Download these free 5-day recipes and opt into my newsletter for more amazing ways to fight off, and disarm the many germs, bugs, viruses, bacteria and other problem causing compounds that you are exposed to on a daily basis.

How sick we get depends only partially on the germs we are exposed to. That includes everything from the food we eat to the lifestyle choices we make, along with the toxins in the air to the gems we pick up along the way. Let’s see how we can greatly increase our odds of living longer and healthier.

The immune system, at this time, is our only first line of defense. When it is strong it is ready and prepared to fight when it comes into contact with viruses.

With a healthy and robust immune support system we are less likely to be affected by the most degenerative diseases of aging, and there’s no way it can protect us for eternity without us giving it a helping hand. We need to keep it strong!

The greatest worry has been for older people with a compromised immune system, like chronic diseases are at the highest risk. Even then, not everyone within the high-risk category faces the same level of risk. 

High Risk Groups

These high-risk groups are in need of immune support, of which I fit into more than two categories, and they are:

  • Build-up of plaque on the blood vessels
  • Bus/Train/Delivery Drivers
  • Healthcare Personnel
  • Heart disease
  • Individuals with a history of stroke, high blood pressure and high cholesterol.
  • Older People
  • People With Lung Diseases
  • Security Forces

We all benefit when we boost the quality of all the components that go into strengthening the immune system, like our food, supplements, environment and even our mindfulness.

I pondered on the question of how could I help, how to implement a plan that is easy, is a stop-gap between contracting the many germs in our bodies, environment and us surviving? There’s a LOT you can do to support your immunity starting right now.

We know the lungs and respiratory system require moisture and hydration to function optimally.

It is said “Approximately 80 percent of all COVID-19 cases exhibit mild to moderate symptoms and do not require hospitalization. Doctors recommend that these patients self-isolate, stay hydrated, eat well, and manage their symptoms as best they can.”

My Girl Friend COVID-19 Experience

Well, my friend and herbalist Cynthia (not her real name) and husband, they also live in New York City, did just what the doctors recommended, and also shared the essential of what they did to recover.

In March Cynthia and I were talking, and she mentioned that her husband was experiencing flu-like symptoms. It was his first day and over a period of four days he experienced congestion, dry cough, fever, fatigue and painful body aches. Plus, he lost his sense of smell. He started to feel much better after seven days, with his sense of smell and taste slowly returning.

Within three days of the start of her husband’s symptoms she was ill. 

Her symptoms were different from her husband, because she didn’t experience any congestion at the onset, just headaches, followed by fever and nightly sweating for two days then intense pain. Intense pain in her back, hips and thighs and also her organs (liver, lungs, kidneys and spleen). After five days since the start of her symptoms she felt like they were headed in a healthy direction.

After their recovery they were able to take the test that confirmed that they did indeed contract coronavirus. Luckily for them their immune support system was strong enough for them to recover without any hospital stay.

So, I again asked myself the question, is there a way to improve the immune support system since there is no cure for COVID-19. I went to my bookshelves got out my nutrition books and contemplated…. It should be easy to implement, with items missing from our supermarket shelves, we must use what is already in our cupboard. 

It is the only way I know to survive these challenging times with our health and life intact. Here are the details of this immune building easy action step plan: -

Rejuvenate And Heal 5-Day Immune Support System Plan

5-Day Immune support Recipe, rejuvenation and healing,

I wanted to provide you with a way to boost your immunity, with the focus on nourishing whole foods. 

You’ll be focusing on eating well but eating lightly, making meals from what you already have in the fridge, pantry and freezer, playing with substitutions, and meals made on the fly.

  • 5 days of menus and recipes.
  • Shopping list and handbook.

Rest assured – you are in good hands.

Get access to these 5 days of rejuvenation and healing recipes which I'll send to you as soon as you enter your email information below.

I am also sending you a healthy socially distanced virtual hug to you and your loved ones and a whole lot of good healing vibes.


Stay strong and wishing you vibrant health always!

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