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High Blood Pressure Signs Symptoms You Are Missing

The shocking news: high blood pressure signs symptoms are often impossible to notice. In fact, even those who have significantly high numbers sometimes experience no symptoms or signs of having high blood pressure.  For me and others when blood pressure is high there is the feeling of lightheadedness, experiences of pain on the ridge in the back of the head or headaches and even nosebleed.

High blood pressure signs and symptoms.

Blood pressure is the amount of force pushing against the artery walls as the heart pumps. The strain on the artery walls is one consequence, but over time, high blood pressure can also lead to a failure of the kidneys, heart and other organs. Those organs fail to receive enough oxygen and nutrients.

Many of the organs of the body can handle high blood pressure for some time, but over time they may be significantly affected. Because it can go undetected for so long, it is very important for individuals to consistently monitor their blood pressure and notice any differences over the long term.

Keep in mind, regular screening is the best way to prevent the onset or complications of high blood pressure. Make sure to have your blood pressure checked at least yearly, if not more often. Those at higher risk should monitor their blood pressure at home. This includes those who are obese or have an underlying health condition that could spur high blood pressure.

Minor High Blood Pressure Signs Symptoms To Look For

High blood pressure symptoms may be noticeable in some people. This includes the following:

Unfortunately, these signs of high blood pressure often occur only after the condition has reached a life threatening stage. For this reason, you should not wait to notice your high blood pressure, but should monitor it even when it remains in a normal range.

Spotting High Blood Pressure Warning Signs

Once you turn 20, ask your doctor to provide a blood pressure reading for you at your yearly appointments. If this number is high at this point, your doctor may recommend more frequent monitoring of the blood pressure. In most situations, blood pressure readings are a part of any regular doctor's appointment.

In addition, children are not immune to high blood pressure. Doctors usually take a blood pressure reading at annual or semi-annual doctor's appointments in order to look for high blood pressure warning signs.

Understanding high blood pressure signs symptoms as much as possible. Do take the time to understand the changes occurring in your body, so that you can monitor your health. Purchase a blood pressure monitor for use at home.

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