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High blood pressure causes hundreds of thousands of death a year, so inform yourself and protect your health.

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Eat Right For Life

Nutritional balance is a good way to eat right for life. Lets get to know these powerful foods that also have an impact on the maintenance of high blood pressure control.

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Foods For High Blood Pressure

How do you select the right foods for high blood pressure? Most people choose ease of preparation, taste, price and nutrition last. Making the right food choices and prevent hypertension.

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Site Map | Info on High Blood Pressure (HBP)

Search site map for innovative and informative information for you to live a healthy and quality life. Also subscribe to my blog and free monthly ezine for updates.

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About Me | Why Is My Blood Pressure High | Medication Side Effects

About me page tells you why this site is dedicated to all those people who have high blood pressure and are trying not to develop diabetes or other ailments that are associated with hypertension.

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Arterial Stiffness

Arterial stiffness is a major contributor to high blood pressure. Would you like to keep your arteries supple, and protect yourself from several degenerative changes from occurring over time?

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High Blood Pressure Dangers Often Go Unnoticed

High blood pressure dangers are significant for any person. However, treatment options can often reduce these risks. Learn the risks to you.

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Chakras And High Blood Pressure

See dramatic changes to your body with your chakras and high blood pressure balanced. You can regain your youth, age well and feel vibrant again.

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Exercising Balances Immune System

Exercising balances immune systems every time. Our immune system is our body’s defense force against us succumbing to infections and diseases. Lets get to know this ideal self-healer

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Health Coaching

Health coaching makes a real difference in fighting the global health crisis. Imagine how OvercomeHBP can help you reinvent your life. Health is wealth and they are inextricably linked.

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Solutions For High Blood Pressure

These nutritional solutions for high blood pressure are extremely effective and important if you are looking for round the clock protection from the damaging effects of blood pressure.

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Lowering High Blood Pressure Is Critical

The importance of lowering high blood pressure is explained. Find out why you need to reduce your blood pressure and tips for doing so.

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Overcome High Blood Pressure For A New Lease On Life

Overcome high blood pressure by healing thyself with this natural way of living and being and Dis-ease away. Learn how to strengthen your immune system - its more than diet and exercise. Reconnect to your body’s loving perfection from which you came.

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Your Power To Self Heal

Your power to self heal is within you, let me help you find it. This restoring to well-being or the maintaining of excellent health, doesn’t require surgeries, medications or any other medical procedures to be performed on the human body.

Continue reading "Your Power To Self Heal"

Complementary Therapies

Complementary therapies you can use safely with any medication your doctor prescribes. These therapies assist the body in maintaining vibrant health and longevity.

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Women Hearts And Staying Clear Of Cardiovascular Disease

Know these six things that protect women hearts from cardiovascular disease. They are surprising truths for staying clear of this silent killer.

Continue reading "Women Hearts And Staying Clear Of Cardiovascular Disease"

Your Heart, Its Health, Longevity And High Blood Pressure

Your heart is the most important muscle in your body. Learn how to keep it going strong for the rest of your life.

Continue reading "Your Heart, Its Health, Longevity And High Blood Pressure"

Yoga For High Blood Pressure And Its Healing Powers

Did you know you can burn fat with Yoga? Let me show you how to increase cardiovascular benefits and lower your blood pressure with this exercise.

Continue reading "Yoga For High Blood Pressure And Its Healing Powers"

Ylang-Ylang Essential Oil "Flower Of Flowers"

Ylang-Ylang means "flower of flowers" and is used traditionally to balance heart function, normalize blood pressure and calm a rapid heart beat.

Continue reading "Ylang-Ylang Essential Oil "Flower Of Flowers""

Wrist Blood Pressure Monitors

There are various types of wrist blood pressure monitors available, but do you know how to use them correctly?

Continue reading "Wrist Blood Pressure Monitors"

Withings Blood Pressure Monitor

Withings blood pressure monitor makes the self-measuring of your high blood pressure easy and precise using your iPhone, iPad or your iPod touch. It is the solution for accurate measurements at home.

Continue reading "Withings Blood Pressure Monitor"

What Is Normal Blood Pressure

Knowing what is normal blood pressure is essential for life. You can do a lot to prevent high blood pressure, and if it is already high, there are many options on how it can be controlled.

Continue reading "What Is Normal Blood Pressure"

What Is Considered High Blood Pressure?

What is considered high blood pressure or hypertension? Learn the facts about high blood pressuring your arteries and what it means to your health.

Continue reading "What Is Considered High Blood Pressure?"

Weight Loss Myths

There are so many weight loss myths floating around, so lets distinguish fact from myth using the power of knowledge.

Continue reading "Weight Loss Myths"

Ways To Lower Cholesterol

There are so many ways to lower cholesterol that are drug-free. Lifestyle changes can protect your heart and may keep you from needing medications. So get started today on these cholesterol lowering suggestions.

Continue reading "Ways To Lower Cholesterol"

Ways To Lower Blood Pressure

There are many ways to lower blood pressure and it all relates to your lifestyle. Though the symptoms of high blood pressure are not very noticeable, you must reduce your blood pressure levels.

Continue reading "Ways To Lower Blood Pressure"

Water Hypertension Connection

Your water hypertension connection can save your life. Discover how essential it is to your life and how your body totally depends upon the efficient flow of this fluid.

Continue reading "Water Hypertension Connection"

Treating High Blood Pressure Without Medication

Treating high blood pressure without medication is possible. Here are some tips and strategies that works when your doctor says it is okay.

Continue reading "Treating High Blood Pressure Without Medication"

Levels Of Healing

There are three levels of healing to our bodies overcoming its many issues and ailments. Lets activate this inner healing wisdom.

Continue reading "Levels Of Healing"

Abdominal Obesity | Why Is It Dangerous

Why is Abdominal obesity dangerous? And what about the inflammatory compounds secreted by fat cells deep inside the artery walls?

Continue reading "Abdominal Obesity | Why Is It Dangerous"

Healing And Curing Of A Chronic Disease

Does the words healing and curing means the same thing? There are some subtle differences in meaning, which I’ll explain.

Continue reading "Healing And Curing Of A Chronic Disease"

Walnuts Cardiovascular Benefit

Walnuts cardiovascular benefit may increase your lifespan by an estimated 5 - 10 years. Let me show you how regular consumption lowers your LDL cholesterol.

Continue reading "Walnuts Cardiovascular Benefit"

Walking Program Of 10,000 Steps And Counting

Discover the exponential health benefits of a walking program. A consistent 10,000 steps a day does wonders for the body, lets plan your steps today.

Continue reading "Walking Program Of 10,000 Steps And Counting"

Vitamins For High Blood Pressure

Know the power of antioxidants, when you take vitamins for high blood pressure. An antioxidant rich diet is very important for your heart and blood vessels.

Continue reading "Vitamins For High Blood Pressure"

Viagra and High Blood Pressure: Is It Safe?

Do you take viagra and high blood pressure is present? Find out here if it safe for you. Compilations can develop.

Continue reading "Viagra and High Blood Pressure: Is It Safe?"

Vegan Recipes

Here are some tasty Vegan Recipes you will love and as a bonus is heart healthy. A nutritional approach to treating high blood pressure.

Continue reading "Vegan Recipes"

Types Of Blood Pressure

Many factors develop these types of blood pressure. But you have control over some and other types you cannot control. Lets discuss how these factors relate to high blood pressure.

Continue reading "Types Of Blood Pressure"

Blood Type O Diet Plan

Blood Type O Diet Plan may be what you are looking for to find your way back to being healthy and living longer. Feel the beneficial effects of this type of eating today.

Continue reading "Blood Type O Diet Plan"

Blood Type B The Nomad

Did you know if you are blood type B the nomad then your system clears nitric oxide out faster than any other type? Find out what else you more rapidly adapt to here..

Continue reading "Blood Type B The Nomad"

Treatment For High Blood Pressure

Do you know how to develop different types of successful plans on the treatment for high blood pressure? The good news is high blood pressure can be brought under control.

Continue reading "Treatment For High Blood Pressure"

The Elderly And High Blood Pressure

Most high blood pressure in the elderly is isolated systolic high blood pressure over 140 mm Hg, and diastolic blood pressure less than 90 mm Hg. Do you know why?

Continue reading "The Elderly And High Blood Pressure"

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