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High blood pressure causes hundreds of thousands of death a year, so inform yourself and protect your health.

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Whole Food Based Diet

Do you know how much of a whole food based diet you need to nourish your body optimally? The types of foods supply which nutrients and how to balance the energy you take in from foods? Lets begin to identify some ideals.

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Diabetes And High Blood Pressure: A Dangerous Combination

Diabetes and high blood pressure are related. High blood pressure can lead to the development of diabetes, as well as other life threatening conditions.

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Your Heart, Its Health, Longevity And High Blood Pressure

Your heart is the most important muscle in your body. Do you know how to keep it going strong for the rest of your life and the early subtler signs of a heart attack you should never ignore?

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Heart Strokes Blood Pressure

Heart strokes blood pressure is about you preventing your own stroke and its affect to the impending epidemic of an aging population.

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Exercises To Lower Blood Pressure Safely

Do you know that exercises to lower blood pressure goes far beyond lowering your blood pressure? Let me show you how great exercising is to your body.

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Holistic Coaching Service

With my holistic coaching you’ll change your concept of yourself. Women why not break free of society’s concept. Lets discover and reinforce your outer self-concept and your inner self-concept.

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About Me | High Blood Pressure | Medication Side Effects | Obesity

My about me page informs you of some indications that you might have high blood pressure. What you can do if you’re experiencing medication side effects, and how obesity contributes to this disease. You can assist in the protection of your organs and get longevity.

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Complementary Therapies

Complementary therapies you can use safely with any medication your doctor prescribes. These therapies assist the body in maintaining vibrant health and longevity.

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Caribbean And African Women Communities

Caribbean and African women do you know you can rebuild a more healthy skeleton? You are at an exceptional high risk to chronic diseases of which high blood pressure is one. There’s a way out. Lets get started today.

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Women Of Color Movement Newsletter

The movement for life-work balance is an emerging, yet critical circumstance of women of color. There is a wide range of factors that determines health, and we are in a health crisis. Lets show the POWER of self-care and being a woman.

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Overcoming High Blood Pressure

Welcome to Overcoming High Blood Pressure newsletter. It’s a completely free guide on the many ways of controlling blood pressure and avoid its many complications. A gift is included as a Thank You for subscribing.

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Site Map | Info on High Blood Pressure (HBP)

Search site map for innovative and informative information for you to live a healthy and quality life. Also subscribe to my blog and free monthly ezine for updates.

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HBP Guidebook Towards Optimum Health

HBP Guidebook is a revolutionary alternative treatment program in the reversal, prevention and the reduction of high blood pressure. It includes proven steps in nourishing your body at the cellular level.

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Introductory To Meditation

Introductory to meditation ask - Are you seeking a path to health, help in the reversal of chronic conditions and increased self-awareness? Be transformed by the renewal of your mind.

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Guided Meditation To Lower High Blood Pressure

Guided Meditation is your path to serenity, calmness of mind that leads to the beautiful jewels of wisdom. It is the result of long and patient effort in self-control. The more tranquil a person becomes the greater is their success, influence, and power for good.

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Overcome High Blood Pressure For A New Lease On Life

Overcome high blood pressure by healing yourself. It is not all about eating your vegetables, though that is important, but includes a life that is well lived. Whoever said life is short is not aware of just how long you can live, and how well, when you are dis-ease free.

Continue reading "Overcome High Blood Pressure For A New Lease On Life"

Health Coaching

Health coaching makes a real difference in fighting the global health crisis. Imagine how OvercomeHBP can help you reinvent your life. Health is wealth and they are inextricably linked.

Continue reading "Health Coaching"

Acupuncture For High Blood Pressure

Use acupuncture for high blood pressure to discover the energy force of the body that drives all things in the body.

Continue reading "Acupuncture For High Blood Pressure"

Strong Bones And Improve Your Strength At Any Age

Do you know that you can build strong bones and improve your strength at any age, regardless of how inactive you may have been or are now?

Continue reading "Strong Bones And Improve Your Strength At Any Age"

Stress And High Blood Pressure

Do you know how to control stress and high blood pressure? Adrenaline causes the welll-known symptoms of stress - elevated heart rate and blood pressure and a surge of energy. But...

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Foods For High Blood Pressure

How do you select the right foods for high blood pressure? Most people choose ease of preparation, taste, price and nutrition last. Making the right food choices and prevent hypertension.

Continue reading "Foods For High Blood Pressure"

Your Power To Self Heal

Your power to self heal is within you, let me help you find it. This restoring to well-being or the maintaining of excellent health, doesn’t require surgeries, medications or any other medical procedures to be performed on the human body.

Continue reading "Your Power To Self Heal"

Malignant High Blood Pressure

Do you know that malignant high blood pressure is the most lethal form of high blood pressure? It causes severe eye and brain damages, loss of kidney function and congestive heart failure, and more. Find out more here.

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High Blood Pressure Medications

Understanding your high blood pressure medications, its strength, their side effects is very important. And, there are several types of medications used to treat high blood pressure.

Continue reading "High Blood Pressure Medications"

Arterial Stiffness

Arterial stiffness is a major contributor to high blood pressure. Would you like to keep your arteries supple, and protect yourself from several degenerative changes from occurring over time?

Continue reading "Arterial Stiffness"

Symptoms Of Low Blood Pressure

The symptoms of low blood pressure is the opposite of high blood pressure. Your brain is the organ that is most quickly damaged when circulation is slowed or stops.

Continue reading "Symptoms Of Low Blood Pressure"

Heal Yourself Using Your Subconscious Mind

Heal yourself using the master secret of the ages. There is no need to acquire this secret power you already possess it. You should learn how to use it.

Continue reading "Heal Yourself Using Your Subconscious Mind"

Supplements For High Blood Pressure

Did you know that taking supplements for high blood pressure is part of a multi-facet solution in lowering your blood pressure? Let me tell you why?

Continue reading "Supplements For High Blood Pressure"

Wrist Blood Pressure Monitors

There are various types of wrist blood pressure monitors available, but do you know how to use them correctly?

Continue reading "Wrist Blood Pressure Monitors"

ReliOn Blood Pressure Monitor

Did you know that ReliOn Blood Pressure Monitor was made exclusively for Walmart? Check out these easy to use blood pressure monitors.

Continue reading "ReliOn Blood Pressure Monitor"

Aging Well With High Blood Pressure

Six tips on aging well even after being diagnosed with high blood pressure. Find out how you can help your heart, brain, bones and manage chronic pain while you age.

Continue reading "Aging Well With High Blood Pressure"

Olive Oil Offers Cardiovascular Protection

We know olive oil offers significant cardiovascular protection. But does it also improve your ability to remove cholesterol from your arteries? Find out here.

Continue reading "Olive Oil Offers Cardiovascular Protection"

Dark Chocolate High Blood Pressure Treatment: Is It Possible?

There is not a specific dark chocolate high blood pressure treatment yet, but they are a good treat that can actually help to lower your blood pressure.

Continue reading "Dark Chocolate High Blood Pressure Treatment: Is It Possible?"

Blueberries And Cardiovascular Benefit

Is it possible to just consume blueberries and cardiovascular benefit increases? Should you then be eating the fruit or the extract, which is more beneficial? Find out here.

Continue reading "Blueberries And Cardiovascular Benefit"

High Blood Pressure Supplements Improve Health

High blood pressure supplements can provide you with a way of improving your blood pressure safely, with or without medications.

Continue reading "High Blood Pressure Supplements Improve Health"

Blood Pressure Supplements

Do you know how to successfully use high blood pressure supplements? Supplements like super-foods are beneficial because they have an antioxidant ingredient. Lets stop this silent killer.

Continue reading "Blood Pressure Supplements"

High Blood Pressure and Headaches

Learn the correlation between high blood pressure and headaches. If you have headaches that are otherwise unexplained, could high blood pressure be behind them?

Continue reading "High Blood Pressure and Headaches"

High Blood Pressure And Magnesium

Have high blood pressure and magnesium deficiency also? Know that it is the fourth most essential mineral needed by your body. Do you want to know why this deficiency can be dangerous to you?

Continue reading "High Blood Pressure And Magnesium"

Magnesium High Blood Pressure Treatments: Do they Work?

What is the truth about magnesium high blood pressure treatments? Can this mineral help to truly control your high blood pressure? Find out how it actually works.

Continue reading "Magnesium High Blood Pressure Treatments: Do they Work?"

Calcium And High Blood Pressure Regulation

Consume calcium and high blood pressure will then be regulated. Find out how important this mineral is to the human body and the release of neurotransmitters.

Continue reading "Calcium And High Blood Pressure Regulation"

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