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High blood pressure causes hundreds of thousands of death a year, so inform yourself and protect your health.

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Women Of Color Movement Newsletter

The movement for work-life balance is an emerging, yet critical circumstance of women of color. It’s not a singular group as a wide range of factors determines health and we are in a health crisis. Lets show the POWER of being woman.

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Acupuncture For High Blood Pressure

Use acupuncture for high blood pressure to discover the energy force of the body that drives all things in the body.

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Site Map | Info on High Blood Pressure (HBP)

Search site map for innovative and informative information for you to live a healthy and quality life. Also subscribe to my blog and free monthly ezine for updates.

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African Americans and High Blood Pressure

Do you know there is a link between African Americans and high blood pressure? Also, African Americans are more seriously affected by hypertension at twice the rate of Caucasians? Here is why.

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Caribbean And African Women Communities

Caribbean and African women you have high blood pressure, diabetes, and dealing with weight issues when are you going to reverse these ailments? There’s a way out. Rebuild a new skeleton, get started today.

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Celery And High Blood Pressure: There Are Several Benefits

If you like celery and high blood pressure is something you've been told you have, you may find that you're dealing with a natural cure.

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Recipes for High Blood Pressure: Fixing Your Diet

Create your own recipes for high blood pressure treatment. Its possible to eat most of what you truly love if you know what substances or types of foods you should avoid. And most importantly its how many calories you consume.

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Blood Pressure During Exercise

It is totally normal for you to experience high blood pressure during exercise and it normally goes away after an hour of you exercising. But if you are hypertensive your blood vessels contracts....

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Holistic Coaching Service

My holistic coaching service is a powerful client ally to Caribbean and African communities of women, that is supportive in you understanding how to nourish yourself holistically and coaches you towards your goals.

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About Me | Why Is My Blood Pressure High | Medication Side Effects

About me page tells you why this site is dedicated to all those people who have high blood pressure and are trying not to develop diabetes or other ailments that are associated with hypertension.

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Acupressure For High Blood Pressure

Using acupressure for high blood pressure can be a life safer in an emergency? Instantly lowering blood pressure is just a fingertip away, when used to manipulate key acupuncture points.

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Foods That Lower Blood Pressure

Eat foods that lower blood pressure, and add these nutritional blockbusters to your diet that relaxes blood vessels. Your heart will get a much needed rest.

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Pomegranate Protects Against Atherosclerosis

Pomegranate is a super fruit with super powers. Pomegranate protects against atherosclerosis build up in your arteries, lower risk factors for heart attacks, strokes and high blood pressure. Learn of its importance to some specific cells and DNA.

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High Blood Pressure Signs Symptoms

High blood pressure signs symptoms are rare. Learn the subtle things that may be an indication of high blood pressure.

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High Blood Pressure Impotence

If you have high blood pressure impotence is likely, especially if you are taking blood pressure medications. But this does not have to happen, it can be cured, let me tell you how.

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Blood Pressure Numbers

Do you know the importance of your blood pressure numbers? It could save your life. It is crucial to learn and understand what these numbers are and what do they represent.

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Managing High Blood Pressure: 5 Easy Tips for Success

Managing high blood pressure is critical to maintaining health. Learn five things you can do today to manage your blood pressure effectively.

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Silent Killer High Blood Pressure

What does silent killer high blood pressure and a pressure cooker have in common? With a pressure cooker the food gets done fast which is just like that with HBP, you'll also get done faster.

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Low Diastolic Blood Pressure

Do you know that low diastolic blood pressure can be fatal? Be aware of the signs and prevent life-threatening issues from affecting your life.

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Infused Water Can Restore Your Health

Drinking infused water is one of the easiest habit you can adopt to help you lower your blood pressure and also lose weight. Here are a few of my favorites. So begin to hydrate yourself today.

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Health Coaching

Health coaching makes a real difference in fighting the global health crisis. Imagine how OvercomeHBP can help you reinvent your life. Health is wealth and they are inextricably linked.

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Contact Me

Do contact me. The information provided here is not meant to be used as medical advice but as an update on treating high blood pressure and probably in reversing this silent killer.

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Overcoming High Blood Pressure

Welcome to Overcoming High Blood Pressure newsletter. It’s a completely free guide on the many ways of controlling blood pressure and avoid its many complications. A gift is included as a Thank You for subscribing.

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Abdominal Obesity | Why Is It Dangerous

Why is Abdominal obesity dangerous? And what about the inflammatory compounds secreted by fat cells deep inside the artery walls?

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Eat Right For Life

Nutritional balance is a good way to eat right for life. Lets get to know these powerful foods that also have an impact on the maintenance of high blood pressure control.

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Your Power To Self Heal

Your power to self heal is within you, let me help you find it. This restoring to well-being or the maintaining of excellent health, doesn’t require surgeries, medications or any other medical procedures to be performed on the human body.

Continue reading "Your Power To Self Heal"

Overcome High Blood Pressure For A New Lease On Life

Overcome high blood pressure by healing thyself with this natural way of living and being and Dis-ease away. Learn how to strengthen your immune system - its more than diet and exercise. Reconnect to your body’s loving perfection from which you came.

Continue reading "Overcome High Blood Pressure For A New Lease On Life"

Levels Of Healing

There are three levels of healing to our bodies overcoming its many issues and ailments. Lets activate this inner healing wisdom.

Continue reading "Levels Of Healing"

Healing And Curing Of A Chronic Disease

Does the words healing and curing means the same thing? There are some subtle differences in meaning, which I’ll explain.

Continue reading "Healing And Curing Of A Chronic Disease"

High Blood Pressure Treatments

High blood pressure treatments allow you to reclaim your health. These tips will allow you to improve your high blood pressure in a number of ways.

Continue reading "High Blood Pressure Treatments"

Exercising Balances Immune System

Exercising balances immune systems every time. Our immune system is our body’s defense force against us succumbing to infections and diseases. Lets get to know this ideal self-healer

Continue reading "Exercising Balances Immune System"

Pets And High Blood Pressure

Pets and high blood pressure could seem a little unusual, but having a dog as a running partner is an excellent reward.

Continue reading "Pets And High Blood Pressure"

Marijuana And High Blood Pressure Benefit Research

Marijuana and high blood pressure is now an ongoing research. Read now to see if it is a benefit or a danger. Growing up on the island of Jamaica, we know marijuana is a benefit.

Continue reading "Marijuana And High Blood Pressure Benefit Research"

Magnesium High Blood Pressure Treatments: Do they Work?

What is the truth about magnesium high blood pressure treatments? Find out if magnesium can help control your high blood pressure.

Continue reading "Magnesium High Blood Pressure Treatments: Do they Work?"

Magnesium And High Blood Pressure

Whats the relations between magnesium and high blood pressure? A deficiency in magnesium can make your heart unable to stop spasms once they start? So why are minerals important to your body?

Continue reading "Magnesium And High Blood Pressure"

Stem Cells And High Blood Pressure

Stem Cells And High Blood Pressure is being studied by scientist that say at some stage stem cells therapy will possibly be used to cure high blood pressure. Learn more about a new set of tangled knot DNA structures.

Continue reading "Stem Cells And High Blood Pressure"

Walnuts Cardiovascular Benefit

Walnuts cardiovascular benefit may increase your lifespan by an estimated 5 - 10 years. Let me show you how regular consumption lowers your LDL cholesterol.

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Sinus Medicine High Blood Pressure

Taking sinus medicine high blood pressure increasing can become a problem. Do you know the location of your four pairs of sinuses and why you should know them?

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Reasons For High Blood Pressure

Understanding the reasons for high blood pressure is important. Do you know that high blood pressure is the most significant predisposing factor for heart attack, stroke and peripheral artery disease?

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Solo Build It Affiliate

Solo Build It Affiliate program is for seasoned marketers or for beginners. We have the tools that will help you earn generous commissions for your efforts.

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