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High blood pressure causes hundreds of thousands of death a year, so inform yourself and protect your health.

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About Me

Get to know more about me, the passion I have for nutritional therapy that have impacted me, and many of my clients. Join my prevention and reversal programs that will benefit your body, mind and soul.

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Overcome High Blood Pressure And Stimulate Your Body's Own Healing

Discover how women can overcome high blood pressure, restore their normal blood pressure and blood sugars levels, while reversing other health issues naturally within 30 days. Are you willing to do the work to have it?

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Lungs And Respiratory Support Your Heart

If your lungs and respiratory system have a tendency to get compromised easily, are worried about the coronavirus, or prone to every cold and flu in town, start sipping on these amazing herbs to support your body.

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Vegetable Congee An Immune Supporting Meal

Vegetable Congee is a type of rice porridge or gruel that has been eaten for centuries to promote wellness. Its ingredients protect the cells of the body from viral infections, like the coronavirus.

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Deadly Coronavirus Is Here.

Worried about the coronavirus? It is everywhere and is continuing its march across the world. Here is how to support your immune system and what to do to protect yourself.

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Site Map | Info on High Blood Pressure (HBP)

Search site map for innovative and informative information for you to live a healthy and quality life. Also subscribe to my blog and free monthly ezine for updates.

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Info On High Blood Pressure Saves Lives

Info on high blood pressure can save your life. Blood pressure is vital to life. But hypertension is silent, progressively worsens atherosclerosis, and makes heart attacks and strokes likely. Know your blood pressure and keep it under control.

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Food Addiction And Your Brain

Do you have food addiction or no willpower and just love to eat? Would you like to find out if there are specific biological mechanisms that drive your addictive food behavior? Nobody chooses to be an addict. Lets rewire your brain chemistry.

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African Americans and High Blood Pressure

Do you know there is a link between African Americans and high blood pressure? Also, African Americans are more seriously affected by hypertension at twice the rate of Caucasians? Here is why.

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Acupressure For High Blood Pressure

Using acupressure for high blood pressure can be a life safer in an emergency? Instantly lowering blood pressure is just a fingertip away, when used to manipulate key acupuncture points.

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Complementary Therapies

Complementary therapies you can use safely with any medication your doctor prescribes. These therapies assist the body in maintaining vibrant health and longevity.

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Blood Pressure Medications

Are you aware of the many dangers of taking high blood pressure medications. Some will cause heart attacks while others will outright kill you. Find out.

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Caffeine and High Blood Pressure: Are They Related?

The relationship between caffeine and high blood pressure is not clearly understood. Researchers are still even trying to find out why there is a relationship. However, some things are known.

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Chakras And High Blood Pressure

See dramatic changes to your body with your chakras and high blood pressure balanced. You can regain your youth, age well and feel vibrant again.

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Too High HBP Despite Taking Medications?

Too high HBP? Is your blood pressure measurement soaring high even though you are taking medications? Discover the most effect and safest drug you can ever take to control your blood pressure.

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