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High blood pressure causes hundreds of thousands of death a year, so inform yourself and protect your health.

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Smoking And High Blood Pressure

Learn how smoking and high blood pressure relates and the damage it does to your blood vessels. When you smoke you run the risk of getting burned inside and out. You can change all that.

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Caribbean And African Women Communities

Caribbean and African women do you know you can rebuild a more healthy skeleton? You are at an exceptional high risk to chronic diseases of which high blood pressure is one. There’s a way out. Lets get started today.

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What Your Doctor May Not Tell You

Black Community here are some thoughts on what your doctor may not tell you that greatly increase your risk of suffering a heart attack or even a stroke. How our high blood pressure is linked to the trauma of just surviving.

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Abdominal Obesity | Why Is It Dangerous

Why is abdominal obesity, this cumulation of belly fat dangerous? How do the inflammatory compounds secreted by these fat cells deep inside the artery walls works? These conditions damage the body’s organs, but they can all be effectively treated naturally.

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Myths About High Blood Pressure

Lets investigate the many myths about high blood pressure? One such myth, is hypertension an inevitable result of aging?

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Too High HBP Despite Taking Medications?

Too high HBP? Is your blood pressure measurement soaring high even though you are taking medications? Discover the most effect and safest drug you can ever take to control your blood pressure.

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Stress The Silent Killer

Seven proven steps on banishing stress the silent killer from your life. Lets stress proof your body today with these ideas.

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Blueberries And Cardiovascular Benefit

Is it possible to just consume blueberries and cardiovascular benefit increases? Should you then be eating the fruit or the extract, which is more beneficial? Find out here.

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Overcome High Blood Pressure | Health Reset In Six Weeks

Join these 42 days of how to overcome high blood pressure and other serious life-threatening conditions online program of education and hands-on lifestyle restructuring that focus on diet, exercise, stress management, vitamin and mineral supplementation, meditation and more.

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Sustainable Weight Control

Would you like sustainable weight control, optimal health that includes normal blood pressure measurements and wellbeing? Like a science experiment, you can discover what works for you. I can guide you to your new future.

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Losing Weight Affects Your High Blood Pressure Readings Significantly

Have you ever thought of losing weight by following the eating habits of animals. Let me show you what I mean.

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African Americans and High Blood Pressure

Do you know there is a link between African Americans and high blood pressure? Also, African Americans are more seriously affected by hypertension at twice the rate of Caucasians? Here is why.

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Site Map | Info on High Blood Pressure (HBP)

Search site map for innovative and informative information for you to live a healthy and quality life. Also subscribe to my blog and free monthly ezine for updates.

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Effects Of High Blood Pressure : Learn The Dangers Now

The effects of high blood pressure could be reducing your life expectancy. Find out what high blood pressure is doing to your body.

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Blood Pressure Medication Side Effects

Blood pressure medication side effects are many. Recognizing the changes can be a life-saver. Here are some of the drugs that are likely to cause them.

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