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On this website I write about my complete healing from a disease that is pronounced "incurable".  I share the story of my own life experiences with this silent killer and how it nearly killed me.

One major fact I have discovered is that when the human body is given the right nutrients and it is able to clear itself of poisonous substances, the body can respond positively to incurable chronic diseases.  Reversal happens.

My research has given me so much insight and led me to several knowledgeable, experienced people who have made major headway in reversing high blood pressure. I share that information on this site for free. Donations from visitors allow me to continue to do that.

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It is my goal to continue to share valuable, proven information, fact based alternative therapies, useful tips, delicious heart healthy recipes, and up-to-date news on breakthroughs in controlling and reversing HBP. It is also my goal to continue to offer that for FREE.

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