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Effects Of High Blood Pressure:
Learn The Dangers Now

Do you know the effects of high blood pressure? If not, you may be surprised to learn that high blood pressure could be leading you to a shortened life span.  Although most people do not realize just how troublesome having high blood pressure is, it can be life threatening.


The primary players in this game of life are the heart and blood vessels. Your kidneys play a key role, so do your adrenal and pituitary glands and your nervous system. These organs make up your cardiovascular system and is essential the body's network consisting of pumps and multiple pipes.

Your heart is the pump, your blood vessels is a complex set of pipes, and our blood the fluid coursing through the system.

The fluid, our blood, is our river of life. It carries all the things necessary for life that must be delivered from one part of your body to another, such as oxygen, glucose, essential fats, proteins, vitamins, minerals, and hormones.

It is response for moving out waste matter from the body. In addition, this fluid, blood, helps regulate the body's temperature, pH - acid-base balance, and fluid volume within the circulatory system.

The entire purpose of this cardiovascular system is the transportation of life-sustaining blood throughout the body. That's why it is so important to maintain steady blood flow to all of the organs of the body, and that requires constant adjustments by our cardiovascular system.

The constant automatic adjustments in your blood pressure, which require all the systems working in coordination all the while.

The Hazard Of Uncontrolled Blood Pressure

With uncontrolled blood pressure levels, you run the risk of:

In fact, high blood pressure often leads to heart disease, which is the most common cause of death in the United States.

Stroke is another condition caused by high blood pressure and it is the third most common cause of death.

Researchers says that the odds are against you and that you will die from some form of cardiovascular disease since it is our nation's deadliest epidemic.  The good news is that lifestyle modifications, no matter how small, will provide you with a powerful form of protection against diseases of the heart and blood vessels.

So consider how blood pressure affects the rest of your body when it is elevated:

  • The Brain: High blood pressure can cause a stroke. If it is extremely high, it can cause a break in a blood vessel that is weakened, which bleeds into the brain. Further, it can cause a blood clot that blocks one of the narrowed arteries, which can cause a stroke.

    Make positive change easier with mind power techniques. Self help for stress, anxiety, habit management, motivation, weight loss, sleep, smoking, healing etc., the effects of HBP on your eyes.
  • The Eyes: Your eyes can be affected as well. It can lead to bleeding blood vessels in the eyes which can result in impairment or blindness.

  • The Arteries: Hardening of the arteries occurs in patients who have high blood pressure. When the arteries are stiffer, this can cause the kidneys to struggle to work properly.

  • The Kidneys: High blood pressure affects the kidneys by making it harder for the kidneys to flush fluid through the body. This leads to waste build up in the blood. The kidneys can fail, too, which requires a transplant.

  • The Heart: High blood pressure can cause congestive heart failure which is a serious condition that limits the heart's ability to pump enough blood to the body. It can also lead to a heart attack, in which the heart does not get enough oxygen. If the flow of blood is blocked in any way, this creates a heart attack.

Reversing These Effects Of High Blood Pressure

One of the best things about the human body is that in many instances, health conditions like those listed above can be treated and sometimes reversed if the underlying cause is treated.

This is not always true.  However, treatment of high blood pressure is critical to maintaining health.

Reducing Your Life Span

By taking care of high blood pressure, you protect your health and well-being. The side effects of high blood pressure on the body are significant enough to reduce your life span, sometimes causing you to die early.

Read more on what The Centers For Disease Control And Prevention have to say about this danger.

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How Are You Living With High Blood Pressure

Since your diagnosis, how are you handling it and whats your treatment?

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