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Use Essential Oils For High Blood  Pressure And Enhance Your Treatment

I apply therapeutic grade essential oils for high blood pressure in the maintenance of my blood pressure because it offers a natural and safe approach in complementing the body's overall health.  In their pure state it is a concentrated natural extract, known for exhibiting significant and immediate antiviral, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and hormone-balancing effects.

In clinical studies essential oils for high blood pressure have shown to have a profound influence on the central nervous system, in the reduction or to help eliminate pain, releasing of muscle tension and for providing a strong emotional uplift.

These oils can be found in many religious texts and records testifying to its use in the treatment of virtually every ailment known to man. Some of the most commonly known oils are Cedarwood, Frankincense, Lavender, Myrrh, and Sandalwood that were widely used in ancient times in Egypt.

Everyday Essential Oils

These Everyday Oils have been used since the dawn of man for healing and in wellness management of the body.

Plants have always been used for healing.  It is one of the oldest and most respected natural therapies known, and so is the aromatic liquids that result from careful distillation of plants.  From the leaves to the roots, bark and fruits, nearly every part of the plant has been used as medicine.

Info On High Blood Pressure provides you with detailed instructions on what these essential oils for high blood pressure are, guidelines on using them and list specific oils and their recommended usage.

The chemical structure of essential oils is such that it easily and rapidly penetrate your cell membranes, traveling throughout your blood and tissues enhancing your cellular functions.

Essential oils for high blood pressure may provide dramatic healing benefits, that is sometimes even called miraculous. With pure therapeutic-grade oils you too can find relief and improvement in your health.

The Powerful Effect Of Scent On Your Mind And Body

When you inhale the scent of an oil your odor molecules travels up your nose where they are trapped by olfactory membranes that are well protected by the lining inside your nose.

These molecules has specific receptor cell sites that lines your membrane known as the olfactory epithelium.   Each one of these hundreds of millions of nerve cells lining regenerate themselves every twenty-eight days, and are triggered by the essential oil scent.

It creates an electrical impulse that goes directly to an area within your brain called the olfactory bulb.   That blub transmit to your emotional memories called the amygdala, and also other parts of your limbic system in your brain.

Because the limbic system is connected to those parts of your brain that control your heart rate, blood pressure, breathing, memory, stress levels and hormone balance; essential oils can have a profound physiological and psychological effect on you.

When To Use These Essential Oils


Between readings of 130/80 to 139-89 mmHg you are diagnosed as pre-hypertension.

You should be monitored by your doctor with an eye to treat with medication especially if you are at a high risk for heart disease.

Stage 1 Hypertension

With Stage 1 hypertension you would have a blood pressure reading of 140/90 to 159/99 mmHg.

Lifestyle changes are a must at this reading.   If you are in your early twenties and have no complications, no diabetes and are at a low risk of cardiovascular problems; you must monitor your blood pressure and have your doctor reassess your risk of cardiovascular disease.

If you have complications, are diabetic or at a high risk of cardiovascular disease then you should be on medication.

What Is An Essential Oil

They are aromatic volatile liquids distilled from flowers, bushes, leaves, seeds and roots.

These essential oils are highly concentrated, more potent than dried herbs, very complex and consists of hundreds of different and unique chemical compounds.

How To Be Sure Your Oil Is Of Therapeutic Grade

Start by asking the following questions of your supplier of essential oils for high blood pressure:

  1. Does your oils meet AFNOR or ISO standards?

  2. Do they grow and distill their own organically grown herbs?

  3. Are the fragrances delicate, rich and organic?

  4. Do the aromas vary from batch to batch? This is an indication that these oils are painstakingly distilled in small batches rather than industrially processed on a large scale?

  5. Are the distillation facilities part of the farm where the herbs are grown, so oils are freshly distilled, or do herbs wait days to be processed and lose potency?

  6. Do they verify that no synthetic or harmful solvents or chemicals are being used?

  7. Are the distillation cookers fabricated from costly food-grade stainless steel alloys to reduce the likelihood of the oils chemically reacting with metal?

These are just a few of the many questions you need to know the answer, to make sure their oils are of therapeutic grade for your full health benefit.

Guidelines For Using Essential Oils

These oils are used to help relax, promote sleep, help you to feel less anxious all the while lowering your blood pressure.

  • Before using do a patch test and put a small amount of oil on your skin, leave for at least thirty minutes to insure you are not sensitive to it.

  • The bottom of your feet is one of the safest place to apply these oils.

  • If you have high blood pressure do not use any essential oil that contains thyme, clove and cinnamon because they can raise your blood pressure.

  • Do not use if you are pregnant.

  • Keep oils well away from your face, eyes and never put them directly into your ears.

  • These oils are flammable so do not put them near an open flame, sparks, or electricity.

Using aromatherapy as a self-help treatment at home is recommended but should also be discussed with your Doctor.

Below is a list of therapeutic essential oils for high blood pressure lowering treatment. Choose a scent you really like that way you will be more relax whenever you use it.

But first experiment until you find a scent blend you like and at the same time works with your body type.  Remember scent has an impact on your brain, the limbic system that helps to regulate your memory, emotions, arousal, and hormone secretion.

Direct inhalation of any one of these oils can be a deep and intensive application method, especially for respiratory congestion and illness. So be careful and not be excessive with this method without consulting your physician.

Essential Oils For High Blood Pressure

These diuretic oils are highly recommended if you have fluid retention:

Oils for Stage 1 Hypertension or Pre-hypertension:

Essential oils for high blood pressure wellness potential is enormous and it is only just beginning to be recognized.

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