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Your Health And Relationship To Food Is Symbolic.

Here's Why You Have High Blood Pressure!

Your health is dependent on you eating right. You, and me, all have some type of love affair with foods.  The foods on tables are rich in everyone’s respective cultural history.  It is familiar and comforting with associated memories of watching your Mother, Father, Grandmother, uncle, aunt, and even you, creating magic in the kitchen. 

Here’s what is still continuing…. how you prepare your meals with its many downside on your health. It is of a period gone by where your meals were filled with contents of fats, salt-cured, smoked and nitrite-cured foods such as ham, bacon, and smoked fish.

Oftentimes our traditional meals are high in fat, cholesterol, salt and sugar that has fueled the high rates of health problems such as cardiovascular disease, obesity, diabetes and even cancer. This type of eating usually results in lower life expectancy.

Homemade green beans, chick peas and tomatoes.

We are familiar with comforting and familiar foods. As we grow older, and more knowledgeable, we now know how and what we should be eating. The media, health organization and the government are all urging us to eat right, exercise while emphasizing that serious ailments can often be prevented through proper nutrition and early intervention.

Yet many of us are still consuming high-fat, salt laden foods, and sugary drinks. Your nutritional shortcomings have an effect on your health.

Your Health And Unhealthy Eating

Far too many of us, especially individuals of African heritage, are dying young of high blood pressure and other chronic diseases that can be prevented by following a healthy diet.

There are guidelines you can embrace to reduce your risk for high blood pressure, otherwise known as a “lifestyle” disease that are affected by what you eat. Here are some great food ideas you can incorporate into your daily life that will help in the control of high blood pressure.

The general steps of these guidelines towards your health and increasing your life expectancy includes:

Orange and Pomegranate fruit salad. and Pomegranate fruit salad.
  • Avoiding obesity, which is defined as weighing 20 percent or more that what is considered to be the maximum desired weight.

  • Cutting down on total fat intake.

  • Eating bulkier, high-fiber foods.

  • If you crave sweet taste, choose foods that are healthy, full of fiber, rich in minerals that meet that need, like – sweet potatoes, carrots, peaches, apricots, oranges, etc.

  • Limiting alcohol.

  • Reduce intake of sugar, and fat.

Sorting through the many guidelines can be a challenge but the bigger challenge is to make the choice to eat healthy.

Bread pudding with a scope of ice cream. Pudding with ice cream

I learned the hard way how my eating was affecting my life. Overeating was slowly poisoning my body and the many ailments I had was the body’s way of rejecting it when in some cases I was expelling mucous.

After writing down everything I ate for a week I realized what I thought was healthy eating was not.

What I thought was a small harmless breakfast of a bagel toasted, buttered with cream cheese, along with coffee sweetened with milk and sugar, or sometimes tea, was almost surpassing the daily caloric limits I was setting for myself.

This realization had me learning and then creating what I and others needed to eat that was filling, that also met the guidelines of a nourishing meal for high blood pressure control, and an individual’s unique body type and environment.

I was one of those people who ate until my stomach felt full. Feeling sleepy after was normal, I was consuming too many carbs and starchy foods. Now with the changes I implemented, I am satisfied and instead of feeling sleepy, I am much more energetic with no guilty feelings.  My health and life changed.

Benefits Of Eating Slower

Eating slower.

Now I practice eating slowly, savoring the flavor and taste of what I’m eating, and I want to share with you some of my favorite benefits of practicing slowing down during mealtimes. Give one, two, or all a try to see how it can impact your health!

  1. Digestion: Chewing your food thoroughly increases digestion, which helps your entire body to function better since so many things are tied to food, nutrition, and digestion.

  2. Weight management: By slowing down, you can listen to your body and be aware of the portion size it actually needs. When we eat quickly, we tend to miss these signals, which leads to overeating without even realizing it.

  3. Increased mindfulness: Slowing down, savoring your food, and listening to your body for signals can all improve mindfulness. Ultimately these behaviors aid in your brain-body connection.

  4. Socializing: When we gather together for a meal, it’s implied that we won’t rush through it and then leave. Instead, we intend to spend at least an hour together, chatting and pouring into these important relationships. Focusing on both the food and the company will help you slow down and enjoy it more.

You can also adopt these guidelines, which I have created, and am excited to share with you, in how to manage your high blood pressure.

There is no doubt when you incorporate your daily habits with these steps your health and life will also change.

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