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Whole Food Based Diet
The Menu For Longevity And Health

A whole food based diet is the menu for a long and healthy life.  It's made up of foods that are easy to digest and eliminate.  Real foods beat out pills.  Following the right diet can literally add years to your life.

Salmon and Arugula meal. and Arugula meal.

With the hope of enjoying and having longevity, you should not put your long-term health at risk for any short-term weight loss plan.  So make sure and ignore any diet that encourages you to cut back on the fruits and vegetables that help to prevent chronic diseases.

And the best part is you only need to make small changes; it can make a big difference.

Diet Planning

Diet planning connects nutrition theory with the food on your plate and your table; and a few minutes invested in meal planning can pay off in better nutrition.

So eating well is a selection of foods that supplies the appropriate amounts of the essential nutrients, fiber, phytochemical, and energy without excess intakes of fat, sugar and salt.  It also means you include enough exercise to balance the foods you eat.

So lets stay slim and healthy with a lifetime eating plan.

“Grains, fruits, nuts and vegetables constitute the diet chosen for us by our Creator.  These foods, prepared in as simple and natural a manner as possible, are the most healthful and nourishing.  They impart a strength, a power of endurance, and vigor of intellect, that are not afforded by a more complex and stimulating diet.”

- Ellen G. White

Detoxification Therapy

If you are alive and on this Earth of ours we are exposed to thousands of toxic chemicals and pollutants in the atmosphere, water, food and soil. Our body's reactions manifest themselves in a variety of symptoms, including decreased immune function, neurotoxicity, hormonal dysfunction, psychological disturbances and even cancer.

Making detoxification part of your maintenance health regiment is a good idea.

A detoxification therapy that's whole food based, is not stressful, helps to rid the body of chemicals and pollutants and may even facilitate a return to health.

Juice Therapy

Juicing is a system of cleansing and restorations, supplied by the use of fresh, raw juice of vegetables and fruits to nourish and replenish the body.

It can be used as nutritional support during periods of illness or it can be used as part of a comprehensive health maintenance plan.

Whole Food Based Diet

Here's something I know for sure ...

You know people who have goals or want to improve something in their life. I know because everyone wants to improve something about his or her life.

Whole Food Based Diet - spa water.

The problem is most people don't know how to make the changes they need to make to get the results they want.  So, they're stuck.

I know that because I've been there and have taught individuals how to think into the results they want in life.

Some of you asked about a detox program, and I went ahead and created a four season detox cleanse for 2019. 

I ran a short, whole food based diet detox program in 2018, which I created and it was a hit.  It is now ongoing according to the season we are in and I hope you'll want to become part of it and get some really great health results.

Also, you can contact me if you are interested, or check out any of my seasonal 5-Day Detox programs, by clicking on this link now.

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