Using Food As Medicine Is A Lifetime Of Nourishment

Using food as medicine and as a lifetime of nourishment is not about throwing substances into your system and hoping something happens internally. It’s about making conscious choices and using the energetic effects of those specific foods, how they are prepared, to support and heal your high blood pressure and any other conditions, whether chronic or not.

2020 the year from hell is over, but it has left its mark. The stress, uncertainties, tiredness, irritability and feeling bloated.... its time for healing of the spirit, mind and soul.

You can show up strong, energetic and resilient for the life you want to live.

chicken asparagus.

I was once a high blood pressure sufferer beaten down by my medication side effects that literally almost killed me: A swelling tongue slowly blocking off my airpipe, a persistent cough, and more.  My doctors didn’t know what more to do with me, my many symptoms overwhelmed them and me.


To survive I had to take matters into my own hands. So I changed by diet, lifestyle and started my own business, at first as a side hustle, then left my banking career.

When you choose foods with nutrition in mind, then you can enhance your own well-being.

Your choice of diet profoundly influences your long-term health prospects. There are only two common lifestyle habits that are more influential, and they are smoking and other tobacco use; and excessive drinking of alcohol.

A Great Way To Reverse Signs Of Prediabates!

Ready To Reverse Signs Of Prediabetes

How Powerful Is A Nutritious Diet In Preventing Diseases?

Lots of older people, and some young individuals also; suffer from debilitating conditions that could have been largely prevented had they known and applied the nutrition principles of today.

Using Food As Medicine Is A Lifetime of Nourishment.

Chronic diseases like heart disease, diabetes, dental disease, some kinds of cancer, adult bone loss … all have a connection to poor diet. Granted these diseases cannot be prevented by a good diet alone and are to some extent determined by a person’s genetic constitution, activities and lifestyle.

But within the range set by your genetic inheritance the likelihood of developing these diseases is strongly influenced by your food choices.

There is a wide variety of cooking styles we can use to create a desired effect within the body. But, it’s imperative to know when it’s best to use them. 

‘You don’t have to cook fancy or complicated masterpieces. Just good food from fresh ingredients.”

- Julia Child, Chef

With this program that is using food as medicine, it’s imperative to choose the right cooking style. Here are some cooking styles and the reactions they can create: 

  • Raw foods are cooling, refreshing and hydrating and an excellent choice if you are feeling hot, inflamed, or dry.
  • Steamed foods add moist heat to food, so they retain their integrity and are slightly warming and hydrating.
  • Sautéed foods are warming and energizing and are cooked in a small amount of oil over high heat and moved around quickly in the pan. These foods are slightly tender on the outside but crisp on the inside. Highly energizing.
  • Stewed foods because they are so nourishing. They are cooked for long periods of time, breaking down the cellulose fibers, carbohydrates and proteins, tenderizing that food and making it very easy to digest. I love stewed foods because I immediately think of using my slow-cooker pot here.
  • Baked or roasted foods are very warming. They cook completely surrounded by dry heat and delicious.

There are many nuances to this food as medicine program, including how the various flavors affect each of the organ systems and the human body as a whole.

A Great Way To Reverse Signs Of Prediabates!

Ready To Reverse Signs Of Prediabetes

Using Food As Both Preventative And Healing Medicine

Learning to cook healing foods is a gift you give to yourself and others.

Healing my own debilitating side effects from my high blood pressure medications, and with over five years of professional experience working with clients to help them heal as well, I am a firm believer that we can use food as both preventative, and healing medicine.

Food feeds all of our organs and bodily system. Its broken down into smaller components that builds your blood and is absorbed on a cellular level. 

Here are some feedbacks I have received after these clients participated in "food as medicine - 5-day whole foods cleanse ":

“Working with Donna has been empowering. I had tried every diet known to man. Now I eat without feeling slighted or deprived. Also, I’m wearing smaller pants today!” – Kathy, New York

"A week of eating your 5-day rejuvenation and healing have me feeling great. Love the recipes, adjusting to cooking like this all the time." – Helen, New York

“Donna has inspired and helped me to take more charge of me and my family’s health and wellbeing. Connecting us to the wholeness of food and where it comes from." – Jennifer, Pt. St. Lucia, Florida

Can you relate to the below?

  • My prescription medication is making me sick.
  • Question whether your diet can make a real difference between getting sick or staying healthy?
  • I want to use food as my medicine, but I don't know how.
  • Purchase supplements, believing that they are more powerful than food for ensuring good nutrition?
  • I know culinary herbs and wild herbs have healing properties, but how do I use them?
  • I want to prevent heart disease and cardiovascular complications.
  • I want easy recipes that are quick, delicious, healing and nourishing.
  • What should I eat to support my immune system? 

What you will discover:

  • Not all foods or herbs work for all people.
  • Eating healthy foods according to where you live.
  • Flavors that support the organ systems.
  • How each organ feeds the body as a whole.
  • The food and herbs that best nourish bodily systems.
  • Prevention of heart disease with the reduction in inflammation.
  • Immune and lymphatic support to protect yourself and loved ones.
  • Maintain your energy levels.
  • Set yourself up for sustainable weight loss.
  • Improve your sleeping habits.
  • Make consistent goal changes, leaving perfectionism behind.
  • Feel less bloated.
  • No more constipation.

Using Your Food As Medicine And A Lifetime Of Nourishment

This is not rocket science! The saying “you are what you eat” is true when you know the physiology of the human body. 

The picture shown here is "sweet potato toasts" and is included into this program.... it is truly delicious and filling.

Inaction keeps you stuck in the same place. There is medicine in your kitchen right now, and it's time to access it! Join my five-day food as medicine to rejuvenate and heal program now.

Food As Medicine Program

WOC - nothing is impossible. Food as medicine online program.


  • Food as medicine 5-day menus and recipes.
  • 5-day shopping list.
  • Printable blood pressure chart.
  • A Preparation checklist, what to expect during these 5 days, a structured daily protocol guide for what to eat and when each day, along with a daily check list handbook.

How do you know you're getting a big bang for your buck?

  • Bonus: Welcome Video.
  • 5 days of private email support where you can reply to my emails with any questions, concerns or if you just want to vent. I'll be here coaching you through the process.
  • Priceless knowledge on prevention of heart disease steps. And the 6 pillars of physical wellbeing that includes sleep, emotions, nutrition/nourishment, movement, stress management and biology rhythms.
  • Daily morning check in's so that we can track your progress over time. It's a marathon, not a sprint!

A Great Way To Reverse Signs Of Prediabates!

Ready To Reverse Signs Of Prediabetes

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