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Why High Blood Pressure Dangers Often Go Unnoticed

There are several known and unknown high blood pressure dangers that you may not realize are even possible. That's why high blood pressure is a silent killer. It often affects you without any warning signs at all. 

Slowly it works to damage and weaken the blood vessels throughout your body, which in turn causes a wide range of problems.

When it comes to high blood pressure, everyone needs regular screening of the condition. The sooner it is detected, the fewer risks will play out. The key is priming your pump - your heart, on a daily basis with these easily implemented guidelines.

What are these risks? The biggest damage to the body is found in the arteries. The heart’s arteries are flexible, and they are elastic.  Blood flows easily through them because the lining is smooth. This allows nutrients and oxygen to get throughout the body.

However, when the amount of pressure in the arteries increases, this gradually causes a variety of conditions to take place. One of those is atherosclerosis, which is the thickening and the narrowing of the blood vessels.

As you can imagine, with the blood vessels being smaller and less able to bend and flex, less blood can get throughout the body. That means that vital nutrients and oxygen cannot get to the organs of the body effectively.  

Thats why you have to take care of your heart because it is one of the most important muscle you have, and part of the complications of high blood pressure.

Aneurysm - One Of The Many High Blood Pressure Dangers

Another of the dangers of this silent killer high blood pressure is an aneurysm. This occurs when the blood vessels become so damaged that a weakened artery’s wall will enlarge and bulge. It is possible that this can rupture, causing life threatening bleeding internally.

It can happen in any of the blood vessels of the body through the aorta, which is also the largest artery, and is the most likely place for it to happen.

Other Dangers Of High Blood Pressure

There are many other high blood pressure risk, including the following:

Abnormal blood pressure readings.
  • Allergic Reaction To HBP Medication: adverse reaction to my high blood pressure medication.

  • Enlarged left side of the heart: causes the heart to beat improperly and without enough strength.

  • Healthy arteries: consist of multilayered walls capable of constricting, that is the narrowing, or dilating, that is the widening, in response to the body's needs. With arterial stiffness the opposite occurs and raises the death risk to high blood pressure suffers..

  • Heart failure: this occurs when the heart is unable to pump enough blood through the body because it's weak.

  • Coronary artery disease: limits the supply of blood to the heart muscle itself.

  • Strokes: Strokes happen when part of the brain is unable to get oxygen and nutrients it needs and those brain cells die.

  • Dementia: Causes impairment to speaking, thinking, memory and vision.

  • Kidney Disease: where the walls of your kidney artery is weaker than a normal artery. With high blood pressure the wall bulges out until it forms an aneurysm - a thin sac that's filled with blood and is under high pressure.

  • Malignant blood pressure: often found in smokers. It refers to severely high blood pressure with diastolic readings often greater than 150 mm Hg with debilitating complications.

These are just some of the high blood pressure dangers that you face when you have hypertension. It is important for you to seek out treatment for your condition to avoid many of these dangers.

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