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Legumes Offer A Host Of Health Benefits

Legumes or beans are a well sought after source of protein, that is easily digestible, rich in absorbable nutrients that balances your sugar levels and even help to regulate your hormone activity.  But, it is also has a negative side effect, it is gassy.  This comes from the phytic acid also found in grains and seeds, that binds minerals and proteins decreasing your body's ability to absorb and utilize these nutrients.

But you can neutralize phytic acid in these beans by pre-soaking making it easier to assimilate and digest.  Also boiling for a minute, drain and then cook in fresh water.  

But first lets take a closure look at legumes and the protein it provides and how too much protein can be a problem.

About Proteins

Proteins are building blocks that your body needs approximately 10% of daily.  While pregnant and nursing mothers, young children, athletes and elderly require more.  But it becomes a problem when it is eaten in excess.

It can cause constipation, interferes with the absorption of calcium and minerals, consumption of calcium and minerals are essential to lowering hypertension, and can damage your liver and kidneys.  If you consume excessive animal protein this also increases your risk of heart disease and elevated blood pressure.

Though beans are not linked to you increasing your high blood pressure, most individuals keep away from them because of the embarrassing gassy side effects.  Therefore it should be part of your food for high blood pressure

So I am going to tell you how to neutralize the phytic acid, the negative side effect, or if you prefer you can always buy Beano Tablets- Take Beano To Help Digest Gas Causing Foods-30 Tablets Per Box-Packaging May Vary.

But first here are the list of legumes/beans that needs pre-soaking.

Black BeansBlack-eyed Peas
Black SoybeansPinto Beans
Garbanzo BeansRed Beans
Soy BeansSplit Peas

Neutralizing Gassy Side Effect Of Legumes

  • Place beans in pot with water and soak overnight. Water should completely cover beans.

  • Drain, and rinse beans then cover beans again with water and bring to a boil.

  • Skim off foam, drain again, add water and simmer with a pinch of sea salt, kombu and seasoning.

  • Cook until tender, about an hour, cool and store in airtight container in refrigerator or freezer or use immediately if desired.

If you are using canned beans, just add to pot with water bring to boiling then do a quick rinse.

Remember beans are good for your heart it help flushes out cholesterol and they will fill you up without lots of calories.

What Is Kombu?

Kombu is a wide leaf, deep growing sea vegetable. Its mild flavor and pleasing texture adds flavor to your food while offering a rich source of minerals and vitamins, including iron, calcium, potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, selenium, iodine and zine.

You can buy Eden Kombu, 2.1-Ounce Packages (Pack of 6) here.

For Men Only!!

Did you know that eating beans rates just as high, if not higher, than taking Viagra? Plus eating beans is so much safer for your heart, especially if you have high blood pressure.  L-arginine a protein found in beans increases the blood flow to your penis for a better erection.

A medical study was completed on twenty-seven men with erectile dysfunction  over a six months period.  They consumed five cups daily of cooked beans, after which nearly a third of them were able to have erections again.

Thats a lot of beans to eat daily, but start adding beans to your diet and see what happens.  And do please consult with your doctor about this.

A Word Of Caution!

Some varieties of beans if eaten raw, especially red kidney peas, they contain phytohaemagglutinin, that are toxic, even poisonous.  So it is very important to soak these beans and also to boil them for at least fifteen minutes to destroy the toxins.


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