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Foods To Avoid High Cholesterol

There are no alternative to the foods to avoid high cholesterol, sounds harsh but heart disease begins in childhood.  The insidious process of clogging the arteries progresses quietly and early.

There are many everyday foods to avoid if you are trying to limit foods with high cholesterol in your diet.  One of the many dangers of a high cholesterol diet is high blood pressure.

So is it wise to avoid these high blood pressure high cholesterol foods or eat them in moderation?

  • Eggs - The American Heart Association recommends you limit your daily cholesterol consumption to 300 milligrams. One egg has over 200 milligrams.
  • Macaroni And Cheese - The sauce in most mac and cheese preparations is loaded with high cholesterol foods to avoid. Like cheese, whole milk and butter. There are many other ways to make this delicious dish just as tasty with less fat.

  • Fatty Steaks - Love a juicy grilled steak, but fatty beef cuts like rib-eye are loaded in cholesterol.

  • Lobster - Even without butter, a three ounce piece of succulent lobster meat has over 60 milligrams of cholesterol.

  • Skin-On Chicken - A drumstick with skin has more cholesterol than a hamburger. Doing this research on foods to avoid high cholesterol, it was amazing to see that statement.

  • Liver - Some of the most elegant French dishes like pâté and pâté de foie gras are made from poultry livers. It has a lot of vitamins and minerals, but is the part of the animal that is highest in cholesterol as well.

  • Snack Foods - Most pre-packaged snack foods are loaded with trans fats. These items like potato chips, are very high in cholesterol and are to be avoided especially if you have high blood pressure.

  • Buttery Sauces - Even the healthiest foods, like vegetables or white fish, can be made unhealthy with a rich, buttery sauce.

  • Fast Food - Be careful when ordering a quick lunch. Fast food menus are high-cholesterol minefields of foods to avoid. A couple of examples: a Big Mac and a Classic Double with Everything weights in at 85 and 175 milligrams of cholesterol, respectively. Throw in some trans fat-soaked fries and the problem is even worse.

Alternative Foods To Avoid High Cholesterol

These are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to foods to avoid that are high in cholesterol.  Luckily, every food has an alternative.

Instead of an egg, have low fat yogurt, oatmeal or toast.  Replace your cheeseburger with a roasted or grilled chicken sandwich and have it without fries.

Bring healthy snacks like carrot sticks to work so you don't have to rely on the vending machine.

Cutting down on these high cholesterol foods to avoid will put you on the path to better health and will help reduce high blood pressure.  Its never too late to start prevention.  Identify your personal risk factors and deal with them effectively.

Then you can absolutely and unequivocally stop the progression of this disease at any point in the cycle.

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