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High Cholesterol Symptoms:
Do You Know What They Are?

High cholesterol symptoms are difficult to detect because it is also as silent as high blood pressure, and left untreated blocks your arteries over time.  The best way to find out if your cholesterol levels are high is to submit to a blood test.  This test is called a lipoprotein profile that measures your high-density lipoprotein (HDL, your "good" cholesterol), low-density lipoprotein (LDL, your "bad" cholesterol), triglycerides and total cholesterol concentrations in your blood.

High concentrations of this fat-like substance in your blood are the greatest risk factors leading to a variety of heart disease.  But, can you live without cholesterol?

The Importance Of Cholesterol

You cannot live without cholesterol.  If you didn't have cholesterol you would die.

Women would not be able to produce estrogen, and men would not be able to produce testosterone.  Without estrogen and testosterone their would not be a next generation.

Further your intestines could not digest foods, your cells would not have their outside coating known as plasma membrane.

So cholesterol is very important to your body.  But, what is dangerous about this fat-like substance is having too much of the LDL particles that sticks to your artery walls creating blockage.

What Are High Cholesterol Symptoms

So what are the symptoms to look for, where does cholesterol comes from, how it works within your body, what is your number and when does it becomes unhealthy.  Most important is can it be lowered naturally?

There are no direct high cholesterol symptoms so proper blood testing and a healthy lifestyle are the best ways to prevent high cholesterol, high blood pressure and heart disease.

So when you talk about high blood pressure high cholesterol levels, it very important to know how it is carried throughout your body.

Usually we are told that cholesterol levels over 200 is dangerous, but levels below 200, which is considered normal, can also be at high risk for heart disease if your high density lipoproten (HDL) are too low or you have other risk factors.

So Where Does Cholesterol Comes From

Most of your cholesterol is produced within your very own liver, and yes, some also comes from the food you eat. 

Your liver process the proteins, fats and carbohydrates that you consume and manufacture approximately one gram of cholesterol daily.

How Does Cholesterol Work In The Body

Cholesterol in the blood collects on the interior walls of your arteries, eventually causing them to harden if present in high enough concentrations. 

This build-up clogs your blood flow and can lead to life-threatening oxygen deprivation in affected areas of your body.

Treating High Cholesterol

Knowing the risks of high cholesterol symptoms and what can be done to prevent high cholesterol in the first place is most important. 

Some of the best lifestyle changes that can lower this fat-like substance are alternative treatment like using essential oils, increased exercise and a better, healthier diet.

I have personally used Aroma Life essential oil to lower my total cholesterol levels from 252, that now fluctuate between 150 to 180. It is part of my daily routine to apply Aroma Life to my wrists in the mornings, by mid-day apply to the inside of my elbows and behind my ears at night.

There are no bad side effects and I highly recommend using this alternative treatment with the many health enhancing benefits of essential oils.

An active lifestyle will lead to a better physical appearance, making you feel better and of course lower your high cholesterol symptoms.  Just thirty minutes of activity on most days is usually enough to see a difference in your levels over time.

This can be achieved by walking or biking to work, going on hikes, walking a few laps around your local shopping mall, swimming, or anything else physically stimulating that you might enjoy.

Reducing certain types of foods from your diet will lead to a long-term reduction.  If you can cut back on foods high in saturated fat and/or cholesterol, your blood cholesterol will drop accordingly.

There are many foods you can enjoy like whole grain bread, oatmeal, fruits, most vegetables, lean meats like beef sirloin, turkey and skinless chicken.

To Your Health

There are more than two million people, one million alone in the United States,  around the world experiencing heart attacks yearly.  Around one-half a million people die annually from some kind of heart disease.

So following the recommendations to keeping your total cholesterol levels under control is absolutely vital to your long-term health.

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