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Ways To Lower Cholesterol The Drug-Free Way

Once diagnosed with high cholesterol, knowing the different ways to lower cholesterol, and lower your risk of heart disease and high blood pressure is very important. The great news is since heart disease is one of the biggest health risk today, plenty of research has been conducted to help treat this disease and several solutions have been found.

Everyday Essential Oils

When you receive your cholesterol test results it becomes a life-altering moment, especially when you consider the many ways high cholesterol can impact your independence.

But with just a few lifestyle changes you can protect your heart by using these Everyday Essential Oils, and they may even keep you from needing any medication.

Alternative Ways To Lower Cholesterol

Essential Oils

You can harness the healing power of essential oils.  Essential oils are highly concentrated plant extracts, containing unique constituents that provide therapeutic results.

I use these oils as my way to lower my cholesterol, which you can also do.  My total blood cholesterol levels were over 250 mg/dl.

Within one year I was able to lower my total cholesterol to 150 mg/dl without taking any statins by applying Aroma Life essential oil three times daily to my body.

I massaged a drop or two of the oil to the inside of both my wrists first thing in the morning, then the inside of my elbows in the afternoon and behind my ears at night. And, just before going to bed I applied and massaged a drop of essential oil over my heart.

I also made additional lifestyle changes. You also can make these lifestyle changes that include...

Changing Your Diet

Ways to lower cholesterol the drug free way.

A cholesterol lowering diet involves you eating only enough calories to maintain a healthy weight.  Try to avoid foods that could increase your cholesterol levels, like saturated fat from these delicious tasting animal foods and trans fat in fried and processed foods.

Choose more fruits and vegetables, whole grain and fiber, lean meats and nuts, that are just as tasty and more heart healthy for you.

Include An Exercise Program

A drug free way to lower cholesterol

Raise your heart rate by doing regular exercise which will lower your bad cholesterol and boost your HDL or good cholesterol.  Try to exercise daily, even for a minimum of thirty minutes and work up to at least a hour daily for at least five days.

Your housework, gardening and just some constant movement throughout the day will benefit your heart.

Reduce Your Weight

This I know is not easy but usually once you start changing your diet, and making exercising a part of your life you will automatically start to lose weight.

A large waist, measuring 40 inches or more for men and 35 inches or more for women, further increase your risk for heart disease.

Quit Smoking

Finally, one of the many ways to lower cholesterol is to quit smoking.  Smoking dramatically lowers your good HDL and also constricts your arteries, making the risks associated with high cholesterol even worse.

So get the patch, include acupuncture treatments and whatever else you know to help you in kicking the smoking habit.

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