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Causes Of High Cholesterol

If you care about your health you should know about the causes of high cholesterol.  Cholesterol in your blood is determined partly by your genes and partly by how much saturated fat you eat.  It is a chemical that is not truly a fat but is related to fats.  And, the reason for that is your body manufactures all the cholesterol it needs for the functioning of cells and hormones.

What you eat, drink, your weight, your exercise program, smoking in all its forms affect your levels of cholesterol, whether they are low or high.

With all that said and done your body need cholesterol to develop, hold your cells together, builds your brains and is part of your hormones - the male sex hormone, testosterone; and the vital adrenal hormone cortisone.

High cholesterol, is more specifically, a high level of certain kinds of LDLs - low density lipoproteins.  This is the bad fats and protein particles that moves cholesterol into your arteries.  Cholesterol places you and your heart at risk for heart disease and heart attacks. 

Throughout your day blood flows from your heart circulating and carrying oxygen and other nutrients to every tissues and organ within your body.

Protecting yourself from cardiovascular diseases becomes your first priority. So start using these oils.

Heart Disease, Causes of high cholesterol

Cardiovascular disease, means "all medical conditions affecting your heart and blood vessels".   High blood pressure and high cholesterol affects your heart and blood vessels.

Heart disease is at the top of the list in people dying.  Heart attack is the most common form of heart disease, and one of the most significant risk factor for this attack is high cholesterol.

Stuff That Affect Your Cholesterol Levels

Your health problems regarding causes of high cholesterol come from lifestyle habits.


Generally, we go to work or to school skipping breakfast or opt for a diet rich in unhealthy fats which can be found in fatty meats, some vegetable oils, poultry skin, pastries, products of white flour, butter or margarine, cheese, chips, biscuits and others of their kind.

Monosaturated and polysaturated fats, that are good for you, are found in fish, chicken, whole grains, nuts, fruits and vegetables.  These foods influence your cholesterol by lowering it to normal measures.  Part of a balanced diet.

Your Weight

Another factor that influences the level of cholesterol is your weight.

Yes, being overweight raises your risk but, going on an unbalanced diet and losing weight rapidly is also not good for you.

If you need to lose weight look for a program that emphasizes slow weight loss - no more than 2 pounds per week.


Among the other causes of high cholesterol is stress.  It directly affect your eating habits.  Not handling and controlling your stress increases your cholesterol levels.

Some people tend to eat large amounts of comfort foods, fatty foods or sweets, unconsciously just to manage their stress levels.  This will lead to hypercholerestomia, which is a high level of cholesterol in your blood.

Your blood vessels may then clog, causing a heart attack or stroke.

Sedentary Lifestyle

Most of us sit all day.  We watch television, play games on our computer, drive everywhere.  In fact we sit more than we should.

Studies show that if you spend most of your time sitting you are prone to gaining weight, and with the lack of any form of activity you are at a higher risk for a heart attack and an early death.

If you do not have the time or cannot get to a gym, take a ten minutes break each hour and do some form of exercise.  Take the stairs if you can instead of an elevator and if time permits take a short walk.


Smoking is not just one of  the causes of high cholesterol, but it also influences the development of many diseases.

It can lead to death and other heart and lung diseases.  One of the most common and deadliest is lung cancer.

If you just stop smoking, in a few weeks your HDL cholesterol level "good cholesterol" increases, bringing you closer to normal values.

You Have The Power To Change Your Causes Of High Cholesterol

You have total control and the power to lower your risk factor from high cholesterol.  What you eat, how you spend your leisure time and how you work with your doctor will determine where you rank on the cholesterol scale.

So take control and use Aroma Life essential oil in lowering your levels. This is what I have been using for years to keep my levels normal.

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