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Escape The Complications Of High Blood Pressure And Add Years To Your Life!

Complications of high blood pressure are many, they can reduce your life, and expectations or you can turn it around and add years to your life. To add years to your life you have to lower your risk for all diseases.

Complications of the heart.

By simultaneously preventing the big killers of this disease, you will be able to enjoy not only a higher quality of life but a much longer one as well.

The rhythmic pumping of the heart states that you are alive with blood flowing normally through the arteries, blood vessels, and cells completing their specific functions, with an ease in the amount of blood pressure needed to keep circulation going. This means blood pressure is essential to life.

Experiencing of complications means you are at risk for the many high blood pressure dangers that can cut short your life, rob you of your life’s goals and family plans.

The change that happens within the body from uncontrolled blood pressure, especially when there are no symptoms or signs, wrecks havoc to your organs. This disease is silent, it doesn’t announce itself until it has inflicted a lot of damage to your brain, heart, and kidneys.

Imagine my surprise, that at an ordinary doctor’s check-up, I discovered my blood pressure was elevated. This was just a month after I had returned home from my Mum’s burial, so I thought, along with my Doctor that this was because of my Mother just dying from ovarian cancer. 

The thing is we accidentally found out Mum had cancer when we saw blood on the toilet seat she had just used. That was in the summer of 1995, by February of the following year she was gone.

Complications of the heart.

Those months were a stressful time and I look back at it as a blessing. Because I was able to start treatment that brought my blood pressure into normal blood pressure range before there was damage to my heart, brain, kidneys.

This action alone helped me in lowering my risk factors to other diseases that could worsen my life.

What I didn’t know at the time is that the drugs I was prescribed was also doing its own damage to my body. By creating side effects and complications of high blood pressure.

Not Well-Known Complications Of High Blood Pressure

As I said before complications of high blood pressure are many, life changing and can be deadly.

The well-known complications are heart attacks, strokes and kidney damage, but there are so many other diseases and conditions that can develop just from this one change in the body.

Then the treatments for the additional conditions that develops because of high blood pressure carried their own risk and side effects. For instance:

Complications of the heart.
  • Atherosclerosis.

  • Aneurysms.

  • Disease of the heart arteries.

  • Diseases of the heart valves like heart murmurs.

  • Disease of the heart muscle and lining that is all about weakening of the muscle and known as cardiomyopathy.

As you now realize that once you are diagnosis with high blood pressure your next plan is to find out how you can treat it naturally, that complements your medications, and is beneficial to your overall health.

There are lots of changes you can easily implement, or just tweak one thing at a time into preventing further damage, and also avoid further complications of high blood pressure. Look into how you can normalize the pumping of your heart’s pumps with this online program.

I know change is not easy and no one want to change, we all love how we are eating but the damage it is inflicting on your health and life you cannot allow to continue.

My first step that complemented my medical treatment after experiencing major side effects from the medication was adding acupuncture treatments.

Then from the fright of nearly dying from my medication I embraced another change and continued tweaking until it became normal for a lifestyle change.


Now I am asking what do you need help in changing? Let my coaching practice be of service to you.

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