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Priming Your Pump -
Your Heart Disease Prevention

Priming your pump is important if want quality longevity. The pump is your heart so lets keep it pumping effectively by protecting it from the damaging effects of high blood pressure. Only a few decades ago, doctors didn’t place much emphasis on diet and even smoking was thought to be acceptable. Now everything has changed.

With so much ongoing research on heart disease we now know what are the best practices to easily implement that protects you from heart disease. 

Scientific journals are now filled with proven and recorded evidences that many foods contain an abundance of microscopic healing substances known as phytonutrients. These substances are believed to be so powerful that they are calling them “the vitamins of tomorrow”.

Quit smoking.

Regular exercise is still important, just as giving up smoking, but most important of all is having a healthy diet that helps in reversing high blood pressure danger. We all love to eat – at celebrations, when meeting up with friends and even when we are alone at home. But eating the right foods is the best way to lower high blood pressure and cholesterol levels, the two biggest risk factors for the heart. 

So lets get started on priming your pump by using the foods we eat as medicine.


Bad Fats

Saturated fats, the kind found primarily in red meats, butter and other animal foods are not so good for the heart. They are high in artery-clogging low-density lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol.


So if you normally consume 2,000 calories daily, this means your daily intake for saturated fat is 22 grams. Doctors recommend you could reduce your risk even more by lowering the amount of saturated fat to less than 10 percent of your total calories.

Good Fats

Olive oil. Oil

Monounsaturated fat – found in olive oil and most nuts; are less likely to cause buildups of cholesterol in the arteries.


Polyunsaturated fats - help keep blood pressure healthy and keep blood from clotting excessively.


Omega-3 Fatty Acid is another good fat that help prevent clots from forming in the bloodstream.

The Many Ways In Priming Your Pump - The Heart

  • Antioxidants – are your best protection against oxidations and heart disease. You can’t lose when your daily diet is full of plenty of fruits, vegetables and other foods that contain beta-carotene and vitamins C and E.


  • Alcohol – they say a glass a wine is good for your health. I am not a drinker so this I don’t know much about from experience. But they say drinking in moderation – 12 ounces of beer, 5 ounces of wine, or 1 ½ ounces of liquor - raises the levels of beneficial HDL cholesterol. 

But of interest to me is what a recent study has stated. It said alcohol makes platelets, the tiny disks that aid in clotting; a little more slippery so there are less likely to stick together and cause heart damaging clots in your bloodstream.

Raw vegetables with Chickpeas dip. vegetables with Chickpeas dip
  • Fiber – Ah!! If you are in my generation gap, fiber has another well-known name – roughage. But whatever you know it as, it’s a great heart protection food. Its found in beans, fruits and grains, goes to work in binding with cholesterol in the body and helps in removing it along with the waste.


So add some chickpeas to your salad, include kidney beans and lima beans and dried fruits like figs, apples and peaches. They’re so delicious and a great way in priming your pump.


  • Folate – it’s a B vitamin found in beans and dark greens, leafy vegetables, and seems to play a major role in preventing heart attacks.

Implement My Holistic Health Coaching Service

I want you to implement my holistic healing service as a helpful guide. Contact me now and lets get started on implementing these healing power foods, priming your pump to longevity.

I know we often reach for the wrong foods when our day is not going well or when we are just absently snacking. Now that we are aware of the important role of using food as medicine, lets get started on the road to quality longevity.


Our Doctors have definitely proven that foods can help fight two of the biggest risk factors for the heart. They have definitely always known what was best for our hearts.

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