Allergic Reaction To Your High Blood Pressure Medication

Have you ever had an allergic reaction to your high blood pressure medication?  Well I have and it was scary.  Some adverse reactions to your blood pressure medicines are caused when your body produces antibodies to the drug.  These antibodies travel through your blood and can harm your body tissues or interfere with your normal body function.

Allergic Reaction,  EpiPen

Allergic To My Blood Pressure Medications

Some allergies show up on your skin but some attacks the cells in your kidneys, liver, joints and blood. These reactions can be very severe.  If you think you are experiencing one inform your doctor immediately.

The most severe form is called Anaphylaxis, a life-threatening disorder in which your airways become so narrow that you cannot breathe. That is what happened to me.  You require emergency treatment.  In an emergency you would inject an EpiPen into the side of your leg, and it is filled with a drug called epinephrine, it will open your airways.

The thing is I did not realize at first that I was having an allergic reaction to my medication.  Looking back I was having reactions for years. 

The Journal of the American Medical Associated published a report that states that adverse drug reactions to prescription drugs used as prescribed are the fourth to sixth leading cause of death after heart disease, cancer, and stroke.

Drugs are sometimes necessary, they can be lifesaving, but even the best of drugs are by their very nature have unwanted side effects.  So whenever there is an alternative therapy for reversing hypertension, it is advisable to jump on it regardless of the efforts that may be involved.

My Adverse Symptoms

This winter my tongue started feeling heavy as usual - this happens every winter.  My acupuncturist said I had dampness within my body and an acupuncture treatment clears it right up.

But this time I did not go for my acupuncture treatment due to my schedule and my tongue just kept getting heavier.  With my mouth getting so dry even when I drank water it was still dry, until the swelling of my tongue started pressing against the cords of my throat affecting my breathing.

With all that happening I still did not realize that I was having a life-threatening experience.

It was choking me and I am struggling to take deep breaths and not paying attention until my heart start racing, and my blood pressure spiking.  Oh, and I am still taking my blood pressure medication.  All this is happening over a week and half period.

This was a life-threatening allergic reaction, which I did not know I was having.

Do not wait as long as I did to get help, from your tongue start feeling heavy tell your Doctor or Cardiologist of these symptoms, it might not be what you think.  So get to know these high blood pressure dangers for yourself.

Also review your list of high blood pressure medications, and, from time to time re-read your Patient Prescription Information given to you by your pharmacy.  You might have missed something the first time you read it.

My Allergic Reaction Symptoms

This specific blood pressure medication, Avapro also known as Irbesartan, I have been taking for at least three years.  Sometime my tongue would feel heavy and I would do an acupuncture treatment and it would go away.

This symptom, heavy tongue, would show up in the winter months, and I was told it was due to dampness within my body.  Looking back your reflection is always clear.  During the winter months because it gets dark so early I do not go for my acupuncture treatment as often.

Thankfully this winter was so bad, I had missed a couple months of acupuncture treatment, so my symptoms progressed quickly, so instead of acupuncture I went to my Cardiologist for relief.

He was so mad at me, he said you are having a life-threatening symptom.  You are having an allergic reaction to your high blood pressure medication that can choke you to death.

Treatment For My Deadly Allergies And High Blood Pressure

My Cardiologist immediately took me off my blood pressure medication for my body to become free from this drug.  Also, I was prescribed an EpiPen for just in case I had another allergic reaction, Prednisone and told to take Allerga in the AM and Zyrtec in the PM.  

I am blessed and lucky that my swollen tongue did not completely block my airways.

Even after a week of taking these treatments my tongue was still slightly swollen.  My Cardiologist sent me to an Allergy & Asthma Doctor for further review.  I am in my second week of treatment and I am definitely feeling better.

Don't make my mistake learn as much as you can about your medication and also get more information at the United States National Library of Medicine. Good luck and be well always.

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