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The Silent Killer High Blood Pressure

A good number of people who have the silent killer high blood pressure or hypertension, do not even know it. Because the disease is free of symptoms until it has done irreparable damage to your organs, which is usually over a period of ten or more years. That is why it is known as the silent killer.

High Blood Pressure the silent killer,

You can do a lot to your high blood pressure. You can prevent it, and if your pressure is already elevated, you can control it.  But, before you can act you need to know what is high blood pressure, how it is measured, its causes, and its many treatments.

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A normal blood pressure reading is measured at 120/80 mm Hg or lower, while 140/90 mm Hg is noted as the start of hypertension.

Like diabetes, it is a lifestyle disease, and understanding why its called the silent killer is very important.

Types And Classification Involved In This Silent Killer High Blood Pressure

HBP can be either primary or secondary with almost 95% of the cases being the primary type. When no associated medical cause is found your blood pressure is termed as primary type.

But when the elevation in your blood pressure is due to secondary reasons it is linked to a specific disease and there are several signs and symptoms associated with this type.

If you receive treatment for the disease that is causing the secondary elevated blood pressure, often times your hypertension is eliminated.  Some other common types of hypertension include the resistant type which is not controlled by medication. 

Then you also have the exercise hypertension which is elevated blood pressure during exercising.

There are two classified stages: Stage 1 is hypertension, and Stage 2 is Isolated systolic hypertension.

There is also a defined stage called pre-hypertension, 120/80 to 139/89, which is the increase of this silent killer high blood pressure within the risk levels indicating the need for lifestyle changes to prevent medical complications like heart attack, stroke and kidney failure.

All these complications will shorten your life span.

Causes And Effects Of High Blood Pressure

Not very clear reasons and causes have been attributed to elevated blood pressure.  Factors like obesity, smoking, alcohol addition, aging, potassium, deficiency, sodium sensitivity and sedentary lifestyle are few of the causes linked to high blood pressure.

This condition can lead to the many dangerous health problems such as heart attacks, stroke, kidney failure. The increase in pressure can affect other vital organs and reduce your life expectancy.

Treatment And Prevention Of Hypertension

Treatment can be sought through medication or other lifestyle changes.  Though this is a chronic disease, you can lower your risk from this silent killer high blood pressure, which should be your goal to prevent other medical consequences.

You can achieve this by including exercise on a daily basis, and eating a healthy diet.

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