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Stress And High Blood Pressure | What's The Cure?

The Intention Is To Live A Stress-Free And Tranquil Life

Managing stress and high blood pressure are a must since they are linked to many health problems. Stress can have a horrible impact on cardiovascular health. We say stress kills, but in reality, it is not stress that kills, but it is how we handle it.

Stress is a confrontation between what you are and what you want or could be. Our Ego also plays its part. It is a wave that constantly rolls through life. We have to learn how to grab hold of that wave of stress and ride it, harnessing the power of that wave using it to soar to new heights.

Stress is an illness that needs treatment and attention like any other ailment.  It's a disease that has to be monitored like diabetes, heart problems and high blood pressure. It also weakens the body's immune system making us more vulnerable to diseases.

So you see we are all familiar with stress and it is everywhere. Stress and anxiety are common problems that wreak extraordinary havoc on your body and is a primary example of your mind-body-spirit and emotional links.

The University of London said that stress is a more dangerous risk factors for heart disease and cancer than high cholesterol foods or smoking.

Lets look at stress and the role it plays in our lives. And, activate the intention that helps us to return to the pure, creative, blissful, natural state from which we were created - the feeling of well-being.

Your Stress Response

Anger, worry strikes, our hormones respond, the body goes into the fight-or-flight mode. The body's built in alarm system tells us to protect ourselves against predators and other potentially dangerous situations.

When your body perceives any threat at all, your hypothalamus initiates your body's alarm systems. After the alarm is triggered, your adrenal glands release a surge of hormones, including cortisol and adrenaline, allowing your body to respond to the threat.

All these responses to stress affect the waistline, increasing it in size. Reducing this belly fat hormonal release now becomes one of the major objectives.

Make Changes To Your Pattern Of Behavior

Anything that changes your day-to-day environment or patterns can be viewed as stress. Your mind does a poor job of differentiating between a real physical danger and your day-to-day hassle.

Remember its our thoughts that actually creates stress or anxiety in the world. It cannot be packaged, touched, or seen.  Its only you, me engaged in stressful thinking - allowing into our mind's external forces.

Your internal defenses tense up, either with joy, anticipation or anger. Senses become sharper, muscles tighten, the heart beats faster, blood pressure rises and breathing quickens. All of this is in preparation for you to either fight or run away.

The problem is most of us do not know how to manage stress.

  • Stress and high blood pressure manifest itself in frequent headaches, recurring colds, tight muscles, irritability, depression, changes in eating habits and weight.
  • Juggling work and home life or worrying about the bills in these hard economic times is stressful. One day you have a job and the next day you don't.

These are just some of the things that cause high blood pressure.

I'd like you to become aware of how your body and mind reacts when you're under stress and include at least some of these things to relax your entire being:

  • Calm the mind through meditation, deep breathing, yoga or chanting.

  • Try to exercise regularly. Physical activity is a good antidote to loosen the muscles of your body.

  • distress by doing what you love.
  • Improve your diet. Cut down on the bad stuff and consume a more wholesome diet.

  • How well do you treat yourself? Pamper yourself. Get a massage, sleep late, take the time to have a nice soak in a hot tub.

  • Connect with your support group of friends with whom you don't have to "wear the mask".

  • Reflect and determine whether its time to get a new job or to restructure your current position or relationships. If your work is the main cause of your stress, then it may be time to move on.

  • Keep a journal in which you can document your mental, physical and spiritual health.

  • Think positive and try to find the humor in life. Laughter can be the best medicine.

Lets Reconnect For A Happier Life

This means taking a bit of time away from the children so that you and your spouse or significant other actually talk and give each other a chance to vent his or her frustrations. Or doing an activity that you truly love and brings you joy.

Thereby harnessing your stress and high blood pressure. You are hopping on that wave and riding it.  I know this sound unrealistic, but it can be done.

Walk barefoot outside, feel the surge of energy as you connect to the earth's healing power. Barefoot Outside To Relieve Stress

Relieve your stress and improve your circulation by walking barefoot outside. Walk where you won't be interrupted and note the textures and surfaces there are. Breathe mindfully for about a minute, noticing the direct sensations. Feel the surge of energy as you connect to the earth's electromagnetic field beneath your feet.

It doesn't matter whether you are walking on sand, grass or plain dirt, there is healing powers within the earth that neutralize free radicals. Free radicals are associated with diseases, inflammation and accelerated aging.

Also you must recognize the importance of relying on your love ones or friends. Set a time for yourself each day even as little as ten minutes, talk or vent your frustration to someone and also really listen to that other person.

You say...where am I going to find the time just to talk? Aaaagh! We find the time to watch a ball game and spend lots of time watching television. Doing this mindless activity also do lower your stress and high blood pressure.

So assign yourself ten minutes to improve your relationships, vent your emotions that leads to hypertension, and do something that you enjoy. Think how much happier you and your home life will be.

Controlling Your Stress And High Blood Pressure

You have tremendous capabilities in controlling the mind/body connection that leads to stress and high blood pressure.  

Remember to also maintain a diet where you consume adequate amounts of potassium, magnesium and calcium daily.

Experiment To Lower Stress And Your High Blood Pressure

Here is an experiment you can try, but you must measure and record your blood pressure numbers.

reset and recharge yourself.

Think about something that happened in your life that really made you angry. Dwell on that negative experience for two or three minutes, then measure your blood pressure and make a note of the reading.

Now close your eyes for two to three minutes, concentrate on breathing in and out, slowly and deeply. Imagining your chest as an inflating and deflating balloon. After that two-to-three-minute breathing exercise, take your blood pressure again. You will be amazed at the improvement.

It might sound strange but thinking happy thoughts when a situation would normally generate anger can medicate your mind. Pleasant thoughts cause the release of relaxing neurotransmitter in the brain.

This is not wishful thinking, but rather a scientific fact that has been documented by high tech instruments taking photos of the brain and showing the very positive effects of such mental manipulations.

It lowers your stress and high blood pressure. Learning to cope with stress takes some effort, but with practice you will be able to better manage your stress.

Are you an animal lover? Having a pet is known to lower stress and high blood pressure.

Get Counseling

Do certain issues have you losing your beauty rest at night? Find someone to confide in who you trust like your clergyman. Have a chat with your physician about therapy or to a qualified therapist.

You have to find a way to take the pressure off your heart. When stress and high blood pressure strike, remember these words - Is it worth dying for - hell no!

Getting relief from stress is now within your control.  So what is the cure? Awareness, belief and change!

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