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Depressed teen.

by Reeha

Well to start up with my story, I 'm a very sensitive girl.

Since my childhood I was emotionally abused for my physical appearance. Further, as I grew up I was struck by a severe problem, I was possessed by some evil spirit. It took 2 months approx to get over..

It initially made me even weaker from inside. Further I have my family problems which I can't bear every now and then. Every time I face severe headaches,low blood pressure, anemic and sometimes my nails and palms even turns blue.

It gets even harder for me to concentrate in my studies and other activities which I should be doing at this age..

Please kindly help me out. I need serious sincere help.

Info On High Blood Pressure Response:

Reeha I am so sorry to hear of your depression and your many personal problems. But with the proper help you will get stronger and be able to treat and overcome your personal and health issues.

First I highly recommend that you seek medical attention. Visit your doctor and discuss these symptoms with him or her. It could be you are suffering from a number of things. Do not self diagnose.

Do you have someone who you truly trust to talk with about your feelings? Find a forum or support group where you'll be able to discuss and learn from.

You need to somehow validate your emotions and take steps on how to correct whatever is not right.

Also do continue your education, it is truly the road on controlling and gaining freedom to choosing what you do with your life.

Were you diagnose by your doctor that you have low blood pressure? If so do read symptoms of low blood pressure and how to help treat the many symptoms that will complement your doctor's treatment.

I wish you the best and do keep in touch.

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