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Watch Out Low Diastolic Blood Pressure Can Be Fatal?

Take a deep breath and know that low diastolic blood pressure, or hypotension, refers to BP that falls below 90mm/Hg systolic or 60 mm/hg diastolic BP can be deadly. 

Blood pressure is the measurement of pressure in the arteries during the occurrence of a heartbeat.  Diastolic pressure is the amount of pressure in the artery during the heart's resting period between beats.

While this has been found to differ amongst individuals and vary from one heartbeat to the next, 80 to 85 are the normal diastolic blood pressure numbers.

Therefore, the ideal blood pressure for men and women between twenty to fifty years of age ranges between 108/75 mm/Hg, and 142/89 mm/Hg.

Health Care Providers indicate that a fall in blood pressure can be fatal. 

It is typically attributed to fainting, dizziness and an inadequate supply of blood that may prevent the brain from receiving the required supply of blood.  In extreme cases, when the pressure is too low, this may lead to other severe allergies and infections that may become life-threatening.

Causes Of Low Diastolic Blood Pressure

Some of the symptoms of low blood pressure and low diastolic are related and may occur due to various causes as outlined below.

Pregnant woman.


One of the primary causes of this condition is pregnancy, leading to the possibility of decreased blood pressure, due to circulation problems.

However, medical experts regard this trend to be normal and the blood levels goes back to normal following delivery.

Heart Complications

Another common cause for this low diastolic pressure is heart complications such as heart failure or heart attack.

These conditions make it impossible for the heart to continue circulating blood to other parts of the body, thereby resulting in hypotension disease.

Blood Loss

Loss of high volumes of blood is yet another known cause of the decrease in diastolic blood pressure numbers.

This may occur as a result of an accident or suffering from an internal injury.


Certain diseases have also been known to cause low diastolic blood pressure levels in the body. 

One of the diseases associated with this condition is anemia, a condition which hinders the body's capability of producing red blood cells, a critical blood component. This leads to severe shortages of blood and consequently low blood pressure.

Treatments For Low Diastolic Blood Pressure

Some doctors will prescribe anti-depressants for purposes of increasing the blood pressure levels in your body.  These may include heart medications for individuals who suffer from heart complications caused from high blood pressure, which then cause low diastolic blood pressure.

Woman swimming in pool.

Regular exercise is recommended for individuals who suffer from a low diastolic reading.  Any form of exercise regimen is designed to ensure that your blood is fully circulated to various parts of your body.

Normal diastolic blood pressure levels range from 75 to 85.  If your diastolic blood pressure is less than 60, then your health is in danger and you should immediately consult a medical professional on how to get this figure back to normal.

This will enable you to avoid suffering from serious complications that could very well put your life at risk.

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