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My Story

by Michelle

I am 14 years old and I have low blood pressure. It makes me very dizzy and I often faint from it.

When I am being affected by this, I cannot concentrate, I am light-headed and I can't see very well because it seems like someone is drawing black dots on my eyes.

It is extremely hard to do anything in school when I have my bad days. I sometimes suffer from head aches too. I can't concentrate on my school work and it is easier to do stuff at home.

Info On high Blood Pressure Response

Too often you can get a wrong concept about high and low blood pressure. The question to ask is how do you know when you have low blood pressure without a blood pressure monitor at hand?

Some people never know while others with low blood pressure may have dizziness.

Your eyes may tire easily, eyes are tired all the time, have headaches and for some reason just can't seems to concentrate. Also you may have a tight feeling in your chest and your heart may palpitate.

None of these symptoms are strong but they can spell trouble for you in the future. They are warning signs to which you must pay attention.

You may use Acupressure to help you control this problem and you must also check with your doctor.

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