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Treating My Low Blood Pressure

by Elizabeth Morris

Thank you so much for allowing me to use acupressure to instantly cure my symptoms of low blood pressure!

I was sick last week with an ordinary flu but then when I got over that, exhaustion, sleepiness and lightheadedness continued and really threw my life out of kilter.

Today it finally dawned on me that my symptoms seemed like low blood pressure.

I hunted on the internet for ways to treat my simple - but annoying and life interrupting - symptoms.

I went to Google looking at different sites but got frustrated with all the focus of sites on medication. Then I happened onto your site with symptoms of low blood pressure and was delighted to read of a remedy with acupressure.

Natural home remedies are my way of thinking and my parents had me using acupressure back in the 1970s!

So I tried to understand and follow your ideas re the carotid arteries and then the scalp movements. I focused intently on each of the three steps.

Moments after I did the third step (messaging scalp), my eyes suddenly cleared and my extreme sleepiness and lightheadedness totally disappeared!

It was truly like a miracle.

Then I read your last paragraph describing exactly what had happened to me.

It was truly eureka!

Thank you so much for a treatment that worked on me like magic. I will keep it in a memory pigeonhole to try if I ever get low blood pressure again in the future!

I am sorry high blood pressure has bothered you. It has so many side effects. It can get scary.

Mom had high blood pressure for years. I wish you the best and hope all works out okay forever with you and high blood pressure.

Thank you forever for what your acupressure insight has done for me and low blood pressure.

Elizabeth M

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