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Banish Stress The Silent Killer From Your Body With These Seven Steps!

Stress the silent killer - there has never been a truer statement. Let's find a place for your worries and help you to find serenity. Do you realize that there is no actual stress or anxiety in the world? It's our thoughts that create these stressors or false beliefs. 

People engage in stressful thinking - that’s it. Let us then incorporate these seven steps in banishing stressors from the body, mind and heart. Because there are many ways to make life less stressful by making it part of our home remedies in controlling high blood pressure.

  1. Don't Overthink Things: Constantly remembering past mistakes, or what you should say or do or shouldn't do, at a future event crowds the mind and put stress on the mind and body. The past has happened and if there is nothing that can be done about it, then stop thinking about it. Learn from it and move on.

  2. Meditate: This I know for sure reduces stress. Invest in fifteen minutes a day to sit still and breathe deeply and visualize pleasant imagery. Meditation does a body a world of good.

  3. stress and digital wellness.
  4. Turn Off Technology: I do this over the weekends, my mind need the rest. People are constantly checking and responding to their emails, texts or social media accounts. Instead schedule a block of time either at the beginning of the day or late in the afternoon of each day to respond.

    Or, most evenings and one day over the weekend disable your emails and social media notifications. Completely disconnect - its a lifesaver action.

    Researchers states that checking emails and texts immediately boosts heart rate, blood pressure and cortisol levels. Disconnecting gives your body time to relax and let go of muscle tensions. Encourages creative thinking and problem solving.

  5. Decision Making: This is a work in progress for me, though not chronically. They say make a decision and move on. You can always review and make adjustments. Being chronically indecisive is stressful. This is how stress the silent killer thrives in the body. Whenever you feel your heart racing at the sight of another urgent demand, or problem, stop what you are doing, take a deep breath and acknowledge why your body is reacting the way it is. This allows you to go from panic to creative solving or decision making.

    I highly recommend you taking deep breaths it changes your thought pattern.

  6. Multitasking Is Stress The Silent Killer: When I was younger I could multitask easily, it was part of my DNA. Before COVID-19 multitasking was a must, and was expected, just to keep up. Now everything has changed, and these sayings below are now true for me.

    Our brain was not made to multitask, something is not being completed properly. At the end of a multitasking day we feel exhausted, or our brain feels fried. Make a plan. For a hour or two put your phone calls on hold and focus on your important priorities of the day.

    I guess we were always exhausted but didn’t even have the time to acknowledge it. We accepted that pace of our lives as normal. I don’t think going forward that frenzy will be the norm.

  7. Sit and smell the roses.
  8. Idle Or Daydream Time: Embrace moments to completely clear the mind. Tune out the noise that's around and just take in everything that's happening around you. Look at the beauty of the sky, the movement of the clouds, the antics of people and endeavor to bring a smile to your face and heart. Give your brain a moment of rest. Or invite a friend or new acquaintance to partake in a meal can be the start of a wonderful friendship. This has happened to me. At my job where I met one of my best girlfriends.

    We worked in different departments and on different floors and just happen to sit together in the lunchroom at the only table that was available. To this date, and as at this writing that's over twenty-five years, we are still strong friends, even with the many changes happening in our lives. Companionship can fill the heart.

  9. Spirituality: Spirituality doesn't have to be religion. But regularly attending religious services and joining in the choir, or an activity that speaks to your soul, or just going for a quiet walk can be powerfully impactful to your health.

Banish Stress The Silent Killer

If you let it, stress will drain you of joy and consign you to a life of depression, dullness, and discontent. Let’s face it most of us are way too serious! LOL!! I don’t know about you but sometimes we make a big deal out of everything.

stress and grateful mindset.
  • Whether its being five minutes late,
  • Getting stuck in traffic,
  • Somebody giving us a wrong look,
  • Waiting in line,
  • Overcooking a meal,
  • OMGosh you gain a pound,
  • Discover a wrinkle, LOL…
  • Or make an honest mistake…you name it.

We lose all perspective.

What’s amazing is stress cannot be packaged, it cannot be touched, but you and I engage in stressful thinking. Since it is not an actual product, we can then take steps to banish this stressor from our mind, body and hearts.

Rather than swim against the tide, learn to flow with it, pretty soon, you and I will find we are enjoying life more. And not just that, others will enjoy being around us more.

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