Eat Blueberries And Cardiovascular Benefit Increases

Increasing your consumption of blueberries and cardiovascular benefit is assured. As you age you lose your ability to repair your cellular DNA.  If you could protect this internal DNA repair processes, you would become more resistant to degenerative disease.

Studies show that blueberry polyphenols consumption induces favorable structural changes in blood vessel wall composition, resulting in your arteries becoming more elastic and less stiff. With this flexibility it reduces your blood pressure and lowers your atherosclerosis risk.

Blueberry extracts have proven to have robust DNA repair properties.  This means repairing DNA damage and favorably modulating genes associated with aging. This is essentially a longevity mechanism.  So you have just boosted your longevity with the increasing intake of blueberry polyphenols.

Cardiovascular health means repairing your DNA and slowing immounosenescence. An article in a Life Extension Health Report further states that blueberry compounds plays an active role in reducing the risk of a heart attack and stroke.

So eat blueberries as part of your high blood pressure home remedies.  Also the cost of blueberry extract is quite low in comparison to the whole fruit.

Caution On Eating More Blueberries The Fruit

Studies states that blueberry extracts lower blood sugar, reduce blood lipid disturbances, reduces the accumulation of fat molecules inside of growing fat cells while improving the inflammatory profile, boost fat and glucose burning.  So should you eat more of the whole fruit - blueberries?

For the actual blueberry fruit to achieve any effect you would have to consume about three-fourths of a pound of the berries daily which would be very expensive. Eating this amount daily would significantly increase your body weight and body fat including the dangerous visceral or belly fat.  This would nullify the blueberries and cardiovascular benefit.

But consuming blueberry extract high in anthocyanin content resulted in lower body weight gain and body fat; and carries a low cost in comparison to the whole fruit.

Blueberries And Cardiovascular Benefit

High blood pressure arise from many different factors that includes blood vessel stiffness.  Increasing your cardiac health and reducing the risk of diabetes is also part of the equation.
Blueberries and their polyphenols will relax your blood vessels which in turn reduces your blood pressure and help to slow atherosclerosis. Research published in 2010 noted reductions in both systolic and diastolic blood pressures with the intake of a blueberry supplement.

These effects they say could be related to the blueberry polyphenol induced modulation of nitric oxide, the signaling molecule that blood vessels use to relay information about blood flow and pressure and to shift mineral ions such as potassium across cell membranes.

These researchers further stated that when a fairly high dose of 766 mg total blueberry polyphenol intake was taken, blood vessels smoothly dilated within an hour of the dose.

These are desirable results on the prevention of cardiovascular diseases.

So if your are seeking a supplement to help your own body's natural defenses, to raise your disease resistance and prolong your lifespan then consider Whole Fruit Blueberry Concentrate made from Organic Blueberries | Packed with Antioxidants and Phytonutrients | Non-GMO, 60 Liquid Softgels.

Wild growing plants live in challenging environments so they produce a wide array of stress-reducing nutrients to help them cope with their extremes of temperature, humidity, nutrient availability and other threats.  So when we, humans, consume those molecules, we get the benefits of those genetic stress resistance that live within these plants, that helps our bodies fight off major threats to our own health.

So these blueberries, that were grown in harsh, sandy soils, in dry conditions and at high altitudes contain the highest known concentrations of many such bioactive molecules.

Also know that within some high blood pressure medications ingredients you'll find blueberry extracts.  The good thing about adding a supplement to your diet of blueberries and cardiovascular benefit is that there are no harmful side effects.

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