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Are Herbs Safer And Often More Effective Than Drugs?

Herbs has always been part of my life. Growing up on the island of Jamaica, all around our house there were many herbal plants and tree leaves my family used as teas, alternative treatments in the healing of many health issues and ailments. Even as a wash out – as the islanders would say, otherwise known as a detox or cleanse. 


Me and all my siblings were taught the value of these healing plants throughout our adolescent years, and to this day as adults we are still very much connected to herbal remedies. I even have a small herbal garden right alongside my vegetables.

But the question today is are herbs safer than drugs?

Ancient healers from around the world along with North American Indians without any knowledge of anatomy, or chemistry, and some present-day healers, apply the knowledge they have gained over time to prevent and cure diseases that medical doctors were and are unable to treat.

Herbs were the primary source of medicine that our forefathers, and I mean from whichever culture, race, or nation your family originated. Home remedies and herbal medicine is the reason why you and I are here and alive today. Our ancestors could not have survived the difficulties they faced in life without the access to herbal medicines.

But why should we use herbs and are they safe to take?

Because they are nature’s remedies created by our Supreme Being called ‘God’ to me. I believe there is an herb out there that can treat every disease the human body may be afflicted with.

Herbs were part of me surviving my life-challenging blood pressure side effects. As far as I’m concern, I don’t need any approval from medical studies it has always been part of my whole life. I continue to benefit from their remedial effectiveness; its part of my alternative treatments and I have seen its many healings on other individuals.

I know herbs do work.

For me herbal medicines work far better than many modern drugs. Granted some of these modern-day drugs were originally derived from herbs and synthesized in a laboratory which can decrease their effectiveness and increase the side effects they cause.

But on a whole, herbs have an impressive track record of safety.

Are Herbs As Effective As Drugs?

Yes and yes I say to that question. Even the Bible reference the use of herbs in many of its chapters. And what’s also amazing is that many of these herbal remedies are in your kitchen cupboards…they are included in the preparation of your meals, and in all three of my complementary treatment for high blood pressure management online programs:

It must be understood that both a great amount of experience and knowledge are needed to successfully gather and preserve them. Lack of knowledge can render them of little or no medicinal value.  When the right high-quality herbs are administered in their correct doses, in the correct frequency, your health improvement follows.

That is what happened to me when for nine months I suffered from a persistent constant cough. My acupuncturist gave me an acupuncture treatment plus herbs to take orally. Within hours of taking the herbs I was vomiting up slime and had a bowel elimination.

Within 24 hours I saw and experienced a significant change in my body…I was on the road to recovery and have not gotten off that recovery road with my maintenance. The herbs worked by strengthening my body’s immune system and I have derived benefits beyond my high blood pressure condition.

This is so unlike when you take some drugs with very nasty side-effects.

So What Herbs Are Best For High Blood Pressure?

I use quite a number of herbal support, and since I am not an herbalist, and in this case I prefer and am recommending getting in touch with one in your community, or an acupuncturist who is licensed to prescribe herbs and for you to purchase "Back To Eden", that I also use as a reference for myself,  to have in your home as an excellent reference resource.

In addition to bringing herbs into your life, it can be extremely beneficial to start taking specific supplements - based on your unique health needs. 

They are powerful healing tools when used properly but using supplements carelessly can be hazardous.

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