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Known Ginger Nutrition Facts That Are Beneficial To High Blood Pressure Control!

I am going to surprise you below with ginger nutrition facts, on how it can help you in your maintenance of blood pressure, and heart disease. Once you know these facts you are going to be using ginger a whole lot more and also in your meals.

Ginger slices.

It isn't a beauty and it surely doesn’t stand out in the produce department, but don’t underestimate the many ginger nutrition facts that makes it a healthy, and a delicious addition to any green juice you are having.

To me it is more a spice than a vegetable and is used to make your body healthier while making your food tastier. It gives anything you add it to a nice tart taste.

What I have also found out about this herbal home remedy for high blood pressure, now I am calling it a herb; is that it has powers to help in the treatment of heart disease.

So how can you take advantage of ginger as a spice? And how can it be used in support of your health and in your meals?

Steep some in a pot of tea, chop some and add to meats, salads, juices or to wheatgrass juice, drinks, and even rice dish. Now they even have ginger supplements that you can pick up at any natural food store.

Whenever I drink it as tea I break out in sweats. So, if you are looking for a quick way to warm yourself up, this is a great way to do.

Proven Known Ginger Nutrition Facts!

Some common names associated with ginger are ginger root, African ginger, black ginger and race ginger.

  • Aids digestion: Some years ago, I had a hysterectomy and while in the hospital my doctor recommended, I drink ginger ale because I was having indigestion. It liberated me from the gassiness. From that time fresh ginger became more prominent in my diet.

  • Ginger enhances blood flow: It can keep blood from clotting. If you are taking nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAID) or blood thinning medication like Warfarin, be careful. You can always mention to your doctor your love of ginger.

  • Improve circulation: There are two phytochemicals to this ginger nutrition facts that I must mention, and they are gingerol and shogaol.

    Studies have stated that these phytochemicals could protect your heart by preventing blood clots. Please don’t rely on this as a healthy heart protection, just make ginger a part of your wholesome diet.

  • Neutralizes nausea: I love cruising and sometimes I get seasick. When my sister first recommended a cup of ginger tea I was not impressed because whenever I have had it my body heats up. I was not looking for more warmth. But to my surprise it worked.

    Its main feature here is it relaxes the nerves and muscles in the digestive tract. Since then, I carry a 500 mg pill and take about an hour before getting on the ship.

Ginger essential oil.

Ginger As An Essential Oil

I am also an essential distributor and ginger is a popular essential oil with a warm, energizing aroma. You can purchase your essential oil here.

As you can see ginger is more than a spice and works wonders on everyday ailments.

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