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I Find Happiness By Reordering My Priorities. Let Me Show You How To Do The Same!

Is it even possible to find happiness at just looking at a picture, or remembering a special time or event, or even in your own presence? 

Or is it found when you're part of a nurturing family, in a healthy loving, happy relationship, whether married or not, and when you are enjoying quality health and vitality.

Love, find happiness.

Or just self-love and therein you have found your happiness.

Yes, to all, but you have to make it your priority. And when you do it becomes important.

Priorities are not written in stone either. They just need to be flexible and changeable.

It takes peace of mind and clarity to recognize and arrange meaningful personal priorities.

Our world is a world of words, such as: love, happiness, success, achievement, joy - we have a word for just about everything and these names and labels means a lot to us.  But there is a word that describes the condition which will bring us all of these things or keep us from getting any one of them.

Its attitude.  If we have the wrong attitude, we distort everything we see. When we have the right attitude, we see clearly, and everything improves.

Find happiness with the right attitude.

Attitude is an indication of our thoughts, feelings and actions - its everything about us. If we send a good attitude energy out into the universe it will be sent back to us.  Your attitude also makes the difference in having love, happiness, achievement and more.

Our Segmented Lives

Our lives are segmented by our children, our careers, our homes, our marriages and our needs for personal expression. Life experience leaves layers of memories - things we love, hate and moments of contentment.


That’s why finding your own happiness you need to discover or connect to your true self.

Lots of people just wing it indefinitely. We can't for very long, the harried and hurried lifestyle is threatening to tear us apart.

So starting today, now to be exact, carve out a small portion of each day for yourself as a personal priority.

This means quiet time alone, contemplation, prayer, music, dancing, reading, a centering line of thought or action.  It can be anything creative, physical, intellectual or artistic. Something that is uniquely you.

Getting in-touch with yourself first, allows you to realize how everything else seems to find its own order.

Experiencing moments of happiness can be difficult if we are not even aware of what it is, we genuinely want or/and love.  

Emotions are meant to fluctuate, just like blood pressure is meant to fluctuate. It's a system that is supposed to move back and forth, between happy and unhappy.  That's how the system guides us through the world, so make it part of the home remedies for high blood pressure.

Discovering Your Authentic Lifestyle

Do not try to remake yourself into something you're not. Also, its far easier to live a beautiful life when you are not on a budget, when cash is readily available, and you don't have to learn the harsh lessons of delayed gratification.


But having money does not guarantee that you are living authentically either, that you are happy with your life.

Nor does being surrounded by beautiful things guarantee a lifetime of happiness.

I had to learn to differentiate between my needs and my wants and this powerful lesson had to be mastered before I could move forward. I had to learn what I could live without and whatever I needed I could budget for, but self-knowledge had to come first.

When you have learned this lesson of what you can live without, you are able to ask life for the very best because you now have the gift of discernment.

Find Happiness With These Six Steps - Its All Up To You

You can find happiness, start with having happy thoughts.

I notice when my home or my office space is in disarray, I am either feeling anxious or unconsciously upset about something. I am unable to think clearly when I am surrounded by clutter, chaos and confusion no matter who is responsible for it.

So instead of jumping from one problem to the other I sit down and think through each problem using these six steps:

fun activity.
  1. Define the problem clearly on paper. I define it so clearly that if someone picked it up and read it, they would see it as clearly as I do.

  2. List all the obstacles standing in the way of solving them.

  3. List people or other idea sources that might help solve the problem.

  4. List as many possible courses of action as you can think of, and take your time on this. See there are many different solutions. Consider all the possibilities.

  5. Try to visualize the results of each course of action.

  6. Choose the course of action that seems best for you and then pursue it. Stay with it long enough for it to work or to prove that it can't. If it finally doesn't, choose another.

I am definitely in pursuit of my happiness all the time.

There is divine order in the Universe. For me creating a beautiful life means cultivating a sense of order as to how to conduct my daily affairs.

So invite divine order into your life today and a more serene tomorrow will unfold.  It is truly possible to find happiness your way.

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