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Are Nose Bleeds A Sign And Symptom Of High Blood Pressure?

Nose bleeds is any hemorrhage from your nostrils and at times is related to elevated high blood pressure levels. The medical term for this condition is epistaxis.  There are many causes, signs and symptoms associated with this condition.

As I am writing this page I have spotting with a throbbing ache radiating from my nasal passage upwards towards my eye... it is uncomfortable.  I checked my blood pressure and it was high, a reading of 153/96.... had a salty dinner last night and as of this morning is yet to take my blood pressure medication as yet.

The blood is not flowing fast for me to go to the hospital emergency room for them to plug it.  On occasions I have had to be rushed to a hospital emergency room for them to stop the flow, it was running like a water tap.

But if you are out and about I want you to become familiar with these massage techniques below that you can easily apply that will quickly bring you relief.

This condition often occur during the winter months when your indoor air is very dry due to the heating of your home.  Dry air causes the membranes of your nose to become dry and cracked, so you bleed more easily when your blood pressure is elevated.

Signs And Symptoms Of A Nose Bleed

This can sometimes be a high blood pressure sign and symptom, hardening of the arteries, or kidney problems may bring it on.  You need to check your blood pressure at these times to know how to treat this condition.

This condition may also be due to bone fracture, nose picking, allergies, tumors, sinusitis or even a blow to your head.  Of course your doctor is the best one to determine the cause and the therapy necessary.

Proven Quick Treatments For Nose Bleeds

So when my nose is only spotting like this I apply valor essential oil, to the outside of my nose, which dries it up quickly.

I also perform acupressure to the middle fingers on both my hands.  These meridian points on your hands relates to the nose and will also lower your blood pressure in an emergency. 

See hand chart below.

Also, do read my page on how to apply acupressure in an emergency to lower your high blood pressure. 

  • Pack the side of your nose that is bleeding with 1-inch guaze.

  • Place coldpack over the bridge of your nose and at nape of your neck.

  • Sit upright, with your head backward.

  • Place your thumb in the hollow base of your skull.

  • Massage and apply pressure with your thumb in a forward motion. Use your other hand on your forehead to bring your head backwardly. Massage the area until bleeding stops.

You may never have to see a doctor again on this matter.

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