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Do You Know The Signs Of High Blood Pressure

The signs of high blood pressure are quite hard to detect. Your doctor will diagnose hypertension if you have a consistent blood pressure reading of 140/90 or higher.  It is important to note that blood pressure changes frequently over the course of the day.

In addition, it can change based on the situation you are in. For some, the stress of simply visiting the doctor can be enough to cause a high reading. This condition is called white coat hypertension.

Home monitoring may be necessary for those who have white coat hypertension, or those who have high blood pressure in general.

Unfortunately, high blood pressure does not produce a number of signs that are easy to see. Everyone needs to pursue regular monitoring of their blood pressure and take notice of any particularly changes.

How Do Doctors Diagnose High Blood Pressure?

Doctors monitor high blood pressure by performing regularly readings. You will receive a blood pressure reading at most of your doctor's visits.

A blood pressure cuff fits around your arm. The doctor or nurse then listens to the blood flow during and after heartbeats. The device helps measure the amount of pressure occurring in the arteries during the test.

Potential Warning Signs Of High Blood Pressure

In some people, there are warning signs of the onset of severe high blood pressure. These may include any of the following signs of high blood pressure:

Having a dizzy spell, a dizzy spell
  • Dizzy spells unrelated to any other condition or illness.

  • Fainting spells, rarely occur.

  • Dull headaches, commonly missed

  • Redden of the skin, especially in stressful times or physical excursion

Most of these symptoms only occur in people who have very high blood pressure readings.  If you reach this level, you may need immediate medical attention.

What To Do Now To Discover If You Have High Blood Pressure

High blood pressure signs symptoms are not possible to detect in most people just from looking at them or monitoring their daily life.  Rather, regularly checking of your blood pressure is the right route to take.

To help be more aware of this silent killer, here are some well-known facts about the onset of high blood pressure.

  • Individuals who are overweight or obese are most likely to have high blood pressure.

  • If you consume a significant amount of saturated fat, such as red meats, this could be a risk factor for the development.

  • Smoking, birth control pills, illegal drug use, over use of over the counter medications and even some prescription medications can cause high blood pressure.

In these situations, the signs of blood pressure are your actions. To improve your health, take action and regularly monitor your blood pressure.

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