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Knowing Your Blood Pressure Symptoms

Blood pressure symptoms can be hard to predict, because it rises temporarily even in a healthy person; especially after your completion of exercising or a stressful situation. The pressure at which your blood travels through your arteries is very important. 

If it is too high it causes damages to or rupture your blood vessels.  If it is too low, with not enough blood reaching your body's tissues and organs you may feel faint.  Because your blood pressure is not carrying sufficient oxygen to your brain.

Some overlooked signs and symptoms are headaches and the passing of urine more often at night.  If you are experiencing fluid retention, lying down at night causes the excess fluid in your body to be redistributed and is then filtered out by your kidneys.

When your blood pressure is severely raised then you will notice more specific symptoms like dizziness, vision problem, severe headache and sometimes nosebleed.

What Can Regular Check-up Do

Regular check-ups are a must.

Even though high blood pressure is most often symptomless, it is very important to treat it, because if left untreated can lead to life threatening illnesses.

Life threatening diseases include kidney problems, coronary heart disease, stroke and peripheral vascular disease.

High Blood Pressure Symptoms And Complications

Your Kidney And High Blood Pressure

Overlooking blood pressure symptoms can lead to kidney damage.

The role of your kidneys is to filter the blood and to rid your body of all your waste through urination. They also maintain the balance of fluid and salts in your body.

Ignoring your high blood pressure signs and symptoms can lead to the damage of your small blood vessels inside your kidneys.

Coronary Heart Disease

Atherosclerosis, the hardening of your arteries occur if you ignore the symptoms of blood pressure.  Though your arteries do harden naturally with age, with high blood pressure it happens at a faster and earlier age.

Hard arteries can no longer dilate effectively, slowing the flow of your blood causing excessive strain to your artery walls.  This leads to your heart not receiving sufficient oxygen.


Once you develop atherosclerosis, you are at risk for blood clots or a leakage of blood into your brain due to a burst blood vessel.

If this happens, you will then have a stroke.

Peripheral Vascular Disease

This disease occurs when your arteries located in your legs and arms become narrowed by the deposit of fatty substance that restrict the flow of your blood.

Your leg and arm muscles then become prone to cramping.  This mostly affects individuals who are smokers.

Treatment For HBP Complications

Treatments for these complications from overlooking your blood pressure symptoms, includes:

  • artificially filtering your blood by using a dialysis machine
  • to restore speech and movement by doing therapy
  • and having bypass surgery or angioplasty

Blood Pressure Screening

It is very important to regularly monitor your blood pressure and have your readings checked at least once yearly.

And remember, prevention is the best cure, so be aware and have your doctor screen all your symptoms.

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