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High Blood Pressure And Headaches

I have high blood pressure and headaches from time to time. It is normal for a headache to occur when I am going through a bad sinus attack. That headache usually vibrate through my teeth, eyes down to my neck, and it can be crippling, but it passes pretty quickly.

The scariest high blood pressure and headaches I have had was when I was taken off my blood pressure medication by my doctor due to a side effect I was experiencing.

They wanted to get all the medication out of system, so my pressure was not under control for three months. During that period, I developed blinding headaches and I usually just get some rest… I lie down or go to sleep. 

On one of those occasions, this headache was different, I could not see, lift or move my head. Somehow, I instinctively knew that if I slept, I would not wake up.

If you are like most people, you have headaches from time to time; they may or may not be linked to high blood pressure. But the best headache is the one you don’t get at all.

Keep reading, because I’ll be telling you below of the one indication in which high blood pressure and headaches do interact. 

Malignant blood pressure can bring on a headache that may be a warning sign of a serious medical condition or underlying disorder that may require immediate medical attention.

But if you have severe headaches or migraines, it is important to seek out a doctor's opinion to make sure that the condition is not signaling any serious brain condition.

One percent of smokers and males of African heritage; have malignant high blood pressure. It means your diastolic reading, your bottom number; is often greater than 150mm Hg.

And another condition to consider for malignant blood pressure is the production of chemicals by damaged kidneys caused by the contraction of blood vessels.

In the early 1900's, it was believed by doctors that people who have high blood pressure tend to have more headaches. It was more an assumption than scientific knowledge back then.

In those days that were the signs and symptoms of hypertension.

High Blood Pressure And Headaches Report

However, recent research has shown that this is no longer likely. Blood pressure does not cause headaches.

Interestingly, it is believed that those who have high blood pressure often suffer from fewer headaches then those that have controlled blood pressure.

How can this be?

The American Heart Association reports that a study published in the Neurology journal showcased this particular fact.

Those who participated in the study who had a higher systolic blood pressure number, (the first or top number in blood pressure readings); were less likely to have headaches compared with those who had healthy blood pressure readings.

In fact, they were 40 percent less likely to have headaches.

Pulse Pressure

In addition to the systolic numbers, the pulse pressure revealed some interesting things. Pulse pressure is figured by subtracting the diastolic reading (the second or bottom number in the reading) by the systolic reading.

Those who had a pulse pressure that was higher showed 50 percent less headaches than those with a lower rating. Although they are not sure, researchers believe that when the pulse pressure is higher, the blood vessels are harder.

Individuals who have high blood pressure have stiffer blood vessels. Because of this stiffness, the nerve endings in the area are not functioning properly.

Nerves send pain messages to the brain.

Therefore, researchers believe that because these nerves are not working properly, they are not sending pain messages to the brain effectively.

Extreme Blood Pressure

There is one indication in which high blood pressure and headaches do interact with each other. If your blood pressure is above 180/110, this may lead to a headache. In this case, there is a medical emergency.

It is important to note that high blood pressure at this level could be an indication of a stroke. One of the first warning signs of a stroke is a severe headache without another explanation.

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