Develop Healthy Habits In 30 Days That Actually Sticks

Even if you've tried everything else to ditch bad habits and pick up good ones!

How to develop Healthy Habits in 30 days online program WILL help you to identify the mindset blocks you have - that you might not even be aware of, and guide on clearing the blocks out of your life.  To help you reshape your thinking by providing you with the tools and techniques you need to transform your habits.

healthy habits 101.

This is an opportunity to help anyone, whether you are a woman of color, an individual who wishes to achieve success that last, lose weight, reduce stress, quit smoking, and reduce high blood pressure numbers, or someone who’s just looking to radically improve their health and on how to show up for themself in life.

Healthy Habits In 30 Days Transformational Benefits To You!

The primary purpose of this program is to work on changing ONE habit within 30 days. Just one.  At the end of the four weeks:

Healthy Habits 101 Online Program.
  • You WILL integrate your new habit into your life to make it stick for the long term.

  • You WILL plan out your new, healthy habit to really make it achievable.

  • You WILL effectively change your most persistent habits – permanently!

  • You WILL understand what causes you to stay stuck and exactly how to get unstuck.

  • You WILL gain a powerful understanding of how and why habits form so that you can create them intentionally.

  • You WILL know how to continually create more healthy habits.

Transformation Success Story

"Healthy habits 101 is such a powerful system I use often especially in my business. I had to build my confidence on putting myself out there and rid myself of my thoughts on being not good enough, as it was affecting my ability to generate income in my business. As a result of doing these practical strategies I have experienced a HUGE shift in my beliefs, and I see the result in my business. I am feeling so much more confident, light and free."

– Tiffany Hayes

Our daily actions create our habits and routines. These habits and routines that we carry out daily create our daily lives. As our days string together, we continue to create this life. These routines we adopt every day create our lives. I know that sounds like it has so much weight, and that's because it does!

Developing new or changing habits can be challenging and most times we try to change the wrong things and/or in the wrong way.

That why throughout the month, I’ll be teaching you in-depth:

  • About habits.

  • How to effectively change them.

  • What causes us to stay stuck.

  • And how to move forward after changing your one habit to create more healthy habits.

Woke up one night shaking my head to shift the position of my tongue so I could get air in for me to breathe. I was choking to death.

I adopted the strategies of healthy habits in 30 days so that I could survive the side effects of taking Diovan blood pressure medication, and that first year after being diagnosed with high blood pressure, is what saved my life. I knew if things were going to improve, I was the one responsible for making it happen.

Would you like to develop one healthy habit, any lifestyle habit that’s of importance to you in 30 days that actually sticks….Even if you have tried everything else to ditch bad habits and pick up good ones!

You have the ability to transform a habit this month. But you've tried that before and failed, you say?

Your Healthy Habits In 30 Days Guide

Hi, I'm Donna Williams. I specialize in guiding women of color and adults like yourself get abundantly clear on creating routines that reshape their thinking, to live a fearless life and reveal their infinite power against which no earthly force is of the slightest significance.

In creating your healthy habits in 30 days, I’ll show you how you can combine a habit change with your favorite things or something you need or want at the same time.

When I was suffering from the horrible side effects of my high blood pressure medications, I realized the only choice I had was to deal with the real life-threatening health problems by including healthy habits on a daily basis.

I started taking small steps that compounded into remarkable results.  So, I implemented one healthy habit, my first was acupuncture, something I was afraid of and didn't like, but it helped in the treatment and management of my chronic disease and gave my body huge rewards.

What if you could learn the specific strategy to achieve this promise of developing a healthy habit within 30 days and that will also be of the greatest benefit to you?

I had to develop these same strategies to survive and reclaim my joy in life. Will you do the same also today?

Now I’m no longer obese, even though I am a foodie, and enjoy flavorful whole foods that nourishes my body and that of my family. Also my blood pressure is even below the required normal levels…its fully under control.

Healthy Habits 101 Program Benefits To And Transformation Of You

The Healthy Habits 101 program is going to help YOU laser-focus on one goal, of your choosing, to change. No overwhelm, no confusion. Just pure intention and mindfulness poured into your goal for 30 days.

What could be different in just 30 days?

  • Knowing your why and a commitment to taking small actual steps to improve.

  • How easy, attractive and satisfying it is in creating continuous healthy habits can be.

  • Improved brain and heart health.

  • Improved relationships and conquered loneliness.

Success Story

"More powerful than I could have imagined! Noticing people and circumstances changing with them showing up so differently for me. I will continue using this tool as I recreate myself."

 – J. Webb

Now You Can With The Healthy Habits 101 Program

A 30-day group program that will help you change or develop one habit.

Healthy Habits 101 Online Program.

Yes, Unlock Your Access To 4 Weeks of Transformative Change!

Access your transformative change here..

During this 30-Day Program, you will discover how to:

  • Create 1 new healthy habit this month.
  • Get unstuck, take back your power, and change your behavior.
  • Make your new habit achievable and avoid self-sabotage.
  • Integrate your new habit into your life!
  • Take that new habit and use it to transform your life.

Module 1:  This is the kick-off week for your program. We’ll start diving into habits and how to change them for good – and you’ll chose the habit you want to work on throughout the program.

Module 2:  This week we will dive deeper into reward systems and accountability for developing and following through with your habit.

Module 3:  This week we'll be focusing on how habits actually work. This will help you make sure your habits stick for good.

Module 4:  We’ll wrap up the program this week with some reflection and planning for the future.

Yes, Unlock Your Access To 4 Weeks of Transformative Change!

Access your transformative change here..

Program Detail And Handouts

  • Weekly Live Coaching – a total of 4 live coaching on the topic of each week.

  • Download your Healthy Habits Workbook.

I cannot stress the importance of our daily routines enough and how mindful and intentional we must be while creating them.  A new chapter in your life begins now, and it starts with the very next decision you make.  Join now!!!

Yes, Unlock Your Access To 4 Weeks of Transformative Change!

Access your transformative change here..

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