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Listening To Cues From The Body!

Listen to the cues from your body and liberate yourself. I realized that learning to eat more intuitively takes some practice, especially in ditching all the diet-mindset things we've learned in our lifetime. To allow yourself to be the expert on what your body needs and learn how to tune in and listen to those needs is liberating.

Hi, I'm Donna Williams, Certified Holistic Health Coach, your health warrior guide in aging well and maintaining healthy blood pressure measurements that assures of a dis-ease free quality lifestyle.

Here are some of the many opportunities for you to improve and stick with for life.

First Set Of Cues - Food Focus


To eat intuitively means that we eat when we are hungry and eat until we are satisfied. Learning what our body is telling us makes it easier to pinpoint what is hunger and what is not. We may have previously been mistaking boredom or cravings, among other things, as hunger.

Finding the right food, portion, and meal times may take some trial and error at first. Remember that your body is different and unique, so give yourself grace while you lean into your body's needs. But ultimately, knowing what hunger is and how to satisfy yourself is very much worth the effort.

Be kind to yourself.

“Be kind. For everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about.”  -  Ian Maclaren

Second Set Of Cues - Everyday Movement

Have you heard of this challenge?

Where you lower yourself to the floor without using your hands or arms, sit down, then stand up again without the help of hands or arms! You’ll be receiving cues from your body on your capabilities in functional movements that becomes more and more important as you age.

So I say relish the bending, stretching and reaching throughout your day as you move in ordinary ways in keeping you young. Everyday movement keeps the body nimble and strong.

Final Set Of Cues - Walk Off The Day Barefoot

As I enter my home, I take off my shoes…its not so much of bringing the dirt from outside into the house but its to give my feet a chance to spread out. Walking barefoot engages all sorts of muscles, and even better is to walk barefoot on a natural surface. Think of walking on the grass, dirt or on a sandy beach.

Whenever I walk barefoot over dirt or especially a sandy beach the sensations are beautiful. You automatically take a deep breath; your shoulders naturally relax, and your body seems to smile all on its own.

That is the cue I receive when I engage in those activities. Imagine for a moment what yours will feel like. I hope you’ll feel and reap the many benefits of skin-to-earth contact and experience the grounding effects to the magnetisms of the Earth.

Today start feeling and listening to your body’s cues to aging well.

Book some time with me to have a chat on how you can cultivate the best parts of yourself, improve your strength, vitality, handle your anxiety and decide to live positively.

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