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What It Means To Indulge!

When you shift the word "eat" to "indulge," it changes the entire scenario. Indulging in something means to savor, slow down, and be present in each moment. So what do you think would change if we transformed our mealtimes into little luxuries?

The human palate has thousands of taste buds that deliver myriad pleasurable sensations. Ah..and we’re blessed with the extraordinary gift of the human palate.

Good food is one of life’s greatest pleasures. The anticipation of the first taste of a perfectly prepared dish, the subtle flavors of herbs, along with the warmth of loved ones and good friends, all sitting around enjoying great conversation and good food.

What it means to indulge.

Indulging doesn't mean we have to have a fancy spread or anything other than what we ordinarily eat for meals. But the practice of indulging, savoring, and being present, provide us with the opportunities to improve, and will transform our eating habits whether we change what we are eating or not.

What It Means To Indulge!

So when I suggest we slow down, indulge and savor every bite of food, tantalizing our senses, and reawakening memories that are interwoven with our sense of identity and culture, it may also bring us fear when we consider making changes to how we eat or what is on our plates.

Science says change is a good idea, but when it comes to food, we tend to be more emotional than rational. Indulging in our favorite foods is a significant source of happiness in life, and no diet that deprives us of that pleasure for too long is sustainable.

So to successfully and guilt free indulge or shift in our eating habits, we need to ensure that the meal help heal the body, spirit and mind and are delicious. Though it is not that simple, because when you try to significantly change your diet it becomes a psychological challenge as it is a physical one.

What it means to indulge.

Still, try this week to indulge and savor. Taste each bite thoughtfully, chew your food well, and ditch any distractions (other than maybe a good book!) during your mealtimes. Notice what changes you feel in your digestion, your relationship with your body, and your overall happiness levels.

My household have made this transition and I have supported others in understanding the dynamics of this process. The stages you’ll go through help you in developing patience and the motivation to stick with it long enough to reap the rewards.

I'd love to share some of the insights I've found most helpful on this life journey. So, if you’d like to discuss this further email me at or book a free consultation and lets have a conversation.

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