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Adding In Fresh Herbs Is An Effortless Way To Add Nutrients And Flavor To Meals!

Hello Everyone, Today we’re talking about adding fresh herbs to your meals. Its one effortless way to add nutrients and flavor to your meals. I get so excited when spring is on the horizon because I’m thinking what new herbs will I be planting this year.

Hi I’m Donna Williams, Certified Holistic Health Coach. Creator of, where I teach and guide women of color how to lower their high blood pressure naturally without giving up their favorite foods.

So lets talk about how easy and simple it is to grow an assorted variety of herbs in the garden, on windowsills, or balconies for an abundance of fresh herbs for you to share with family, friends and neighbors.

Some popular and easy-to-grow herbs include basil, cilantro, parsley, and rosemary. These are so easy to grow, and the herbs last all season long, adding fresh flavor to your favorite dishes or salads.

You can also dehydrate and dry your extra herbs to create your own seasoning blends or freeze them in ice cube trays with olive oil to use in your recipes. With some of the excess I place in labeled freezer bags to add and flavor my soups throughout the winter months.

Plant Your Plate And Include Fresh Herbs

I am a city girl that have become an unlikely gardener, so I know you too can create and harvest fresh herbs along with healing vegetables and fruits to place on your plate. These are some of the many opportunities to single-handed improve your health.

Depending on your climate, I suggest planting in the spring or in the fall depending on what you have decided to grow, like garlic for instance.

Every year I plant and coax satisfying harvest of fresh herbs, in addition to what’s listed above, that include thyme, basil leaves, assorted lettuces, peppers, tomatoes, cucumbers, celery and so much more.

These I add to my plate and know with certainty are truly organic, filled with nature’s potent healing enzymes. But most of all when I’m out there digging in the dirt my level of stress hormones cortisol drops, is so absorbing that my mind is at rest and is promoting better health.

I urge you to create your own area of oasis filled with healing fresh herbs for you and your loved ones. Create your own lifesaving plan today.

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