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Side Effects High Blood Pressure
Can Cause

The side effects high blood pressure has on one's body are significant. Not all individuals taking prescription drugs for their pressure are able to bring it into the safe zone. While some individuals quit taking their medication because they are unable to tolerate the side effects, and others simply cannot afford it. 

Some side effects include dry cough, swollen extremities, erectile dysfunction, headache, dizziness, fatigue, nausea, vomiting and other.

Dizziness - Side Effects Of High Blood Pressure Medications

Drugs can be a lifesaver and may be part of your disease prevention plan. Remember prevention trumps cure. Start today by taking steps to avoid this silent killer and avoid its side effects altogether.

If your doctor has told you that you have high blood pressure, now is the best time to start working to treat it. This is a condition that can be controlled in most people.

When your blood pressure is under control, it does not damage your heart or your organs other systems.  However, when left untreated, high blood pressure can cause significant damage to the major organs of your body.

In fact, the side effects high blood pressure will cause and will have negative effects on a variety of systems in your body. It may even be life threatening.

Consider These Long Term Side Effects

Consider the following long-term side effects from having hypertension, or high blood pressure:

  • Development of heart disease in which the heart’s artery walls thicken and stiffen, increasing the risk of a heart attack

  • Risk of a stroke, caused by a break in a blood vessel in the brain or a blood clot to the brain

  • Kidney damage may occur over a prolonged time

  • The development of heart failure may occur, a fatal condition in which the heart’s muscles are too weak to pump blood throughout the body

  • Memory loss may occur

  • You may impair your vision, or you may damage your vision quality

  • You may suffer from erectile dysfunction

  • Fluid may build up in the lungs

  • Angina or a heart attack can occur at any time

Side Effects High Blood Pressure Can Cause

Any of the above symptoms and side effects of having hypertension can be significant.  For those who are considering not treating the condition, there is no doubt that any one of these risk factors could shorten your life considerably.

Your heart will be unable to work properly when blood pressure in the arteries is too high.

Controlling High Blood Pressure

The good news is that most people will find that high blood pressure can be effectively controlled.

Individuals who are suffering from this condition are likely to find treatment options available to them that can reduce any of these effects of high blood pressure.

Controlling blood pressure through lifestyle changes and alternative treatments is possible.

Understanding Your Health Risk

Each person is different in terms of how high blood pressure will affect them.  To find out what the risks of these side effects of high blood pressure are to you, contact your doctor.

Regular screening can help to reduce these risks in most people.

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