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High Blood Pressure and Sex:
What's Happening?

Can high blood pressure and sex be related? Anything that affects the health of your blood vessels - like heart disease, high blood pressure, smoking, stress - can affect a man's ability to have an erection. Researchers haven't found a link between high blood pressure and women’s sexual function. However, there is evidence that high blood pressure can affect men's sexual life.

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You may not know that you have high blood pressure, as it can go unnoticed for years, but, if you're struggling with sexual performance, it could be related to hypertension. Sexual activity won't cause a heart related event. However, your level of satisfaction with your sexual health may diminish.

When you have high blood pressure, less blood flows through the arteries. This means that many of your organs don't receive the necessary amounts of blood. Because of this, blood flow to the penis is restricted and an erection can be difficult. This is a form of erectile dysfunction.

This problem is actually quite common in men who have high blood pressure, especially those who aren't treating their condition.

I did some research and found this book on Erectile Dysfunction: Say Goodbye To Constantly Stimulating To Stay Hard. Discover How To Keep A Rock Hard Erection Without The Fear Of Going Limp. With this short guide you will understand all the issues surrounding erectile dysfunction, deconstruct a lot of the myths that seems to have developed about this condition.

But best of all within the five comprehensive chapters of this book you will find out about:

  • The signs and symptoms of erectile dysfunction.

  • The various causes and how to figure out which one might be the one affecting you.

  • Just like high blood pressure, lifestyle changes you can make and depending on the cause, prevent and treat.

  • Medical treatment options you should consider.

  • And, when you should see a doctor and how to prepare for that talk.

Medications and treatment of blood pressure can improve or even reverse these side effects of high blood pressure, making it easier for sexual satisfaction.

You may also notice that most of the drugs that treat hypertension include sexual dysfunction in their side effects.  These drugs are thiazide diuretics, beta blockers and calcium channel blockers.

Here is a little secret concerning why you are not able to have an erection if you are taking high blood pressure medication.  In order for you to have an erection your blood pressure must rise in your penis.  Therefore, any drug you are taking that interferes with your body's mechanisms that can raise blood pressure will inevitably affect or inhibit your erections.

Symptoms Of Male Sexual Dysfunction

When it comes to identifying erectile dysfunction, it can be obvious in some people and more subtle in others.

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  • Do you struggle to achieve an erection?

  • Do you struggle to maintain that erection?

  • Are the circumstances the same now as they used to be when you had no trouble?

  • Do you have otherwise unexplained erectile dysfunction?

  • Have you just started taking medications to treat your high blood pressure? Sometimes medications can actually lead to this problem.

  • Do you have reduced sexual desire?

  • Do you have problems with ejaculation?

These are all symptoms that you may have erectile dysfunction linked to your high blood pressure. It's very common for men who have this condition to feel anxiety and stress over it.

Getting Help For When You Have High Blood Pressure And Sex Becomes A Problem!

You should know that if you have high blood pressure and sex has not been happening in your life you can easily change all that. Remember sex is good for you. Among the many well-documented health benefits, it improves sleep, clears the mind, releases natural painkillers and creates a sense of well-being that is like no other.

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First, I want you to click this link to download my Acupressure eBook where I've listed some action steps, I like to call it "acupressure booster shots" that will help you revive your sexual performance. And also, within my Overcome High Blood Pressure Online Program I go into even more detail on how you can increase the quality of your sexuality.

Also, are you aware of the enormous benefits of exercising? A regular exercise program will strengthen your heart, helps to normalize your blood pressure and best of all improves your sex drive. In general exercise restores your metabolism to youthful levels.

You should also contact your doctor, tell him or her about your erectile dysfunction, and be sure to be screened for high blood pressure.  There are treatment options for high blood pressure and sex can be improved by treating the condition properly.  Though sometimes difficult to speak with a doctor about doing so can prove to improve your quality of life.

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